Proud of Phil Spencer delivering 100% games and no bull.

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3 years ago#11

i wanted M O R E




and they gave you games ...

... See, Microsoft improved ;-)
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User Info: NeroXV

3 years ago#12
RogueStatus28 posted...

Games, games, game (mostly exclusive)


Talk, TV, Movies, some graphic novel, and games (mostly multi-plat)

They showed about the same amount of exclusives, so i honestly don't know what you're talking about.
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User Info: AFreeby

3 years ago#13
My opinion of Sony and MS's E3 presentations are pretty much this: MS showed more games, but Sony showed more games I was actually interested in. They essentially broke even. Bloodborne, Uncharted 4, and Abzu were easily the games that excited me the most of all the exclusive titles, but MS did a better job delivering nonstop gaming during the conference, just games that were mediocre or not interesting to me personally. (both Ori and Scalebound piqued my interest, but they didn't grab me as much as the above titles)
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User Info: NeoMonk

3 years ago#14
WTFNightmare posted...
Sony said exclusive content just much as MS did. When I say bull I mean anything other then games.

Who said exclusive content?
Noones talking about that... we know what EXCLUSIVE CONTENT MEANS
PS4 get's a mission in watchdogs that you can't get on XB1
XB1 gets a map on a shooter that PS4 doesn't get

I said "PREMIUM CONTENT" MS mentioned at least 5 times SONY not once.
That as far as I'm aware... has not ever been used in gaming unless we're talking subscriptions...
So again... I ask you

WTF does that mean in gamer terms?

BTW Don't get it twisted I love this new MS guy
He brought it today, the games weren't all great but games games games!
Love that!
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User Info: Viet0ne

3 years ago#15
WTFNightmare posted...
Good conference all around.

Sony had some okay games but nothing that made me jump out of my seat like MS. Mortal Kombat looks amazing though.

Also for anyone confused

METAL GEAR SOLID, MORTAL KOMBAT X, BATMAN ARKHAM KNIGHT, AND GTA 5 will all be ocming to xbox one as well.

What exactly was more compelling on the MS side?

None of the MS exclusives were any better than the Exclusives Sony showed. The majority of the MS conference was multiplat games that are going to run better on the PS4.
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User Info: Pizzatarian

3 years ago#16
WTFNightmare posted...
youngskillz posted...
i like how they ditched the kinect.

smart choice and ps4 picked up their own kinect but people will cheer of course lol

So now you can buy the $499 Kinect bundle, or you can buy the PS4 for $399 ($449 in Canada), the PS camera for $60 ($65 in Canada), the PS Vita for $200, the PS TV for $100, and Project Morpheus for who knows how much.
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