Oooh PLEASE enlighten me how was M$ better than Sony besides Halo 5 and Halo 2?

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User Info: Zareth

3 years ago#111
Platinum exclusive.
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User Info: Lordcrabfood

3 years ago#112
stawg007 posted...
The exclusives MS showed interested me, Sony didn't

Simple as that

Yep. That's how I felt. My ps4 continues to collect dust and has nothing really interesting anytime soon.

User Info: ace_two_max

3 years ago#113
Sith Jedi posted...
According to this board, mostly Sony people mind you, showing off TV features is one of the worst things you can ever do for a gaming console. Guess what Sony did.

What TV features? being you said Features you don't mean the 6 minutes talk of that Powers rubbish so please explain what TV features are you talking about.

P.S you can't there is no TV features as that was again about games.
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User Info: user629

3 years ago#114
Also, many editors say that Sony had a better conference, but Sony revealed tech that EA, microsoft, ubisoft, and nintendo are not coming out with. The playstation tv is somewhat comparable to apple tv or amazon fire tv. And sony's vr headset is comparable to oculus rift, and so on. I think when we just look at the games, which are most important, it is close. If we went back a couple years many people were raving over last guardian, and we are still waiting for it unfortunately. The good thing is that microsoft showed more games for 2014. Yea yea, microsoft made a big deal over the hd versions of halo, but sony did make a big deal over the hd version of ratchet. No matter what, companies will release hd versions of games. The good thing with halo is that it is not just a new coat of paint, but they are bringing back each games original multiplayer and all the maps, so there is more to that package than initially thought. For me and how i see it, sony's big exclusive for 2014 is little big planet 3, but their seller is uncharted which is 2015.

User Info: user629

3 years ago#115
One thing u will say is Sony bragging about their ps plus service going up like 190% or whatever is so misleading. Of course it will when it goes from optional to mandatory.

User Info: RuneArcanis

3 years ago#116
As a long time fan of Sony. MS had a much better showing.

Sony showed off a few things that were exclusive and exciting, but spent way too much time boring me to death with the indie developer titles and just talking and talking... and talking, I bought my PS4 to play games, if I cared about TV shows, I would have gone with an XBOne. No God of War announcement (I hate the series, but it would have been a good thing). The best thing we got was the LBP3 announcement. Sony, overall, was just boring.
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3 years ago#117
stawg007 posted...
The exclusives MS showed interested me, Sony didn't

Simple as that
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User Info: user629

3 years ago#118
Not to add fuel to the fire, but based on amazon sales, the master chief collection is the number 1 seller in video games while uncharted 4 is number 34. And yea, you can say it is because uncharted isnt until 2015, but that goes back to what i mentioned before. Right now, it is about what is coming out in 2014, and on amazon, a compilation of exclusive remakes is the number 1 seller. No matter what, this console battle will always go back and forth. What it comes down to is when the games everyone is excited for releases and we get to play them. Sony, still waiting on last guardian.... And valves half life 3 :(

User Info: Rud3Bwoy

3 years ago#119
being a ms fan last gen and being a xbox one owner even i know sony won which is why im getting a ps4

User Info: sassynipples

3 years ago#120
Who cares who had the better showing all I care about is more games. You no that's what it used to be about games. Not who had a better presentation, who cares just put more games out lol
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