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User Info: DesperateMonkey

3 years ago#1
This was a surprising E3... I did not expect Sunset Overdrive to look like that and I was really looking forward to Crackdown but had no idea they were driving up the crazy meter!

But more importantly, IS PLATINUM GAMES MAKING A NEW MONSTER HUNTING IP??? Vanquish and Bayonetta were amazing and I even loved W101. But now they are going after the monster hunting series??? Just when I thought I would be stuck with crappy looking monster hunters for an entire generation! Dropped 800 hours into that crappy looking MH3U.

I have every confidence that Platinum can make a monster hunting game which is just as good or better like they've done with their shooters and action games last gen! Please release this now so I can stop playing MH4 in Japanese!!!

I can't believe they signed something like this with Platinum! I just hope MS lets them do their thing and not have their "western marketers" force any of the dudebro crap into it. It looks as over the top and as cheesy as any good platinum game should be :D

Would be more excited for Halo if we saw game footage. Halo 1&2 introduce a lot to the industry and so did Halo 3. 343 has a lot of pressure to show up with something revolutionary or evolutionary in a much more fierce market and competing against Bungie no less...

Also must say I am super excited about Gears of War 4. That game is going to be amazing and its finally going to be playable online unlike that P2P garbage last gen which made me stick to LAN...

Hope the China release is successful and they launch their dedicated servers in China so I can actually play online.
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