Final Fantasy Type 0 HD coming to xbox one!

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User Info: KiritoArt

3 years ago#11
YumeOMiru posted...
Wonder how much it will sell.

BTW is a great game on the PSP. I just hope it´s not the Iphone version.

This is the psp game. The mobile game was also announced to the west but only on mobile.

User Info: DamnEvilDog

3 years ago#12
KiritoArt posted...
DamnEvilDog posted...
Surpised to see this, heard that it was pretty good, hope it actully is.

Thanks for the topic TC, looking forward to knowing more about this ^^

np :-) I am excited as everyone else no matter what system but I am really surprised it's on consoles and not just vita.

I don't want one of those things... I liked the PSP, but the Vita.... ugh...

Well that is at least 3 JRPGs too look forward to that MIGHT be good, guess we'll see :P
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User Info: KiritoArt

3 years ago#13
UPDATE! Only coming to xb1 and ps4. No vita release. That's so weird!

User Info: KiritoArt

3 years ago#14

User Info: robert_rangersu

3 years ago#15
stawg007 posted...
robert_rangersu posted...
I don't understand the shock. Final Fantasy isn't exclusive to Sony anymore, it's been this way for years now.

Did anyone play it by the way? Any good?

It's not so much that it's coming to xbone but more that I never expected it to be localised

Supposedly it's very good and is closer to the more popular games in the series ie airships and all that jazz but maybe people praised it because they were so disappointed with the 13 series

I see, well it sounds like it may be promising, I'll probably give it a go.
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User Info: SuperSuikoden

3 years ago#16
KiritoArt posted...
Xbox|Steam: Call Me A Hero
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