What is the console leader ?

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User Info: gerbil_stuffa

3 years ago#1
Hi all

Just wondered what you all been playing mostly ?

Got fifa , bf , Titan , ryse , dead rising and to be honest with all the hype on the games are they really what you had hoped ?

Fifa has been my most played by far. Same old but has me coming back for more

Titan is the most regrettable purchase. After all the hype it feels like a 2008 game to me with nothing more then a quick game then leave on the shelf

Don't get me wrong I'm loving the console but when the 360 came out Gears of war was fresh and kept me playing MP for about 4 years

What game is doing that for ya other then fifa year in year out ? Titan just don't have that for me at all.

I need a game again that's gonna keep me hooked. Ryse got slaughtered and I only purchased it two weeks back. I have not stopped on the co op MP. The combos are insane. I pulled off 429 and it have me the buzz like old games USED TO.

Seriously what about you lot ? You get up go to work/school. What is keeping you rushing home to get stuck in ?
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