What exactly is Phantom Dust?

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User Info: SS_MetalSonic

3 years ago#11
I want this game NOW!
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User Info: googler

3 years ago#12
If I'm not mistaken, the original should be backwards compatible. Well worth at least one play through - and that ending...prepare to be depressed. I've been asking for a sequel to this for almost a decade its that awesome

User Info: DarkReign2022

3 years ago#13
The original game on the Xbox was an amazing experience. Running around a gorgeous post-apocalyptic world fighting a mysterious enemy through the use of orbs dispersed through the map that gave you different attacks and power-ups were a blast. Plus exploring the HUB world between matches and learning about the mysterious world you woke up to was also thrilling. I'm curious if this is a remake, reboot, or a sequel... I'll take any of them, really.

User Info: googler

3 years ago#14
I'm only praying that some of the original team is working on it, and not revived to some crap developers. Now to kick From Software in the ass to make Otogi 3

User Info: Exodus_Prime

3 years ago#15
googler posted...
I'm only praying that some of the original team is working on it, and not revived to some crap developers. Now to kick From Software in the ass to make Otogi 3

NOW that would be a console seller.
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User Info: googler

3 years ago#16
Hell, I was thinking back and although it could use a bit more content and some more polish but Kakuto Chojin was pretty damn sweet too. It looked good, play was pretty solid, and it had some personality (though it could've used more)

User Info: _Doomguy_

3 years ago#17
The original only sold around 100,000 yet everyone on the internet has played it. Wut? Lol

User Info: NeoMonk

3 years ago#18
I find it interesting to hear people go nuts over a game that most people never heard of before or simply don't remember it's existence.
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User Info: baodeus

3 years ago#19
Let me break it down for you.

In short, it is just like magic the gathering card game but in real time 3rd person action (check out some videos)

There are ~370 skills (offensive, defensive, status buff/debuff, special skill- invisbility, high jump, fly, erase, steal, etc...)..., and environmental effect - affect everyone including yourself) require specific aura (energy level that auto regenerate overtime) to use

350 skills divide into 5 school (each school has their own offensive, defensive, etc...as stated above)
- psycho (balance overall)
- optic (optimal for long/midrange)
- ki (optimal for mid/short range hand combat)
- nature/elemental (lightning,ice, fire, tornados, etc.)
- forgot the name (more devastating skills but also more risk for user)

Compiling skills into an arsenal (3 types, each with 30 slot) for use in battle:
- 1 school- allow skill from only one school to be added (fastest aura recovery)
- 2 school (medium recovery)
- 3 school (slowest recovery)

Offensive skills (3 range= short, mid, long)
- lock on an opponent (skill r more effective and homing in on opponent if in the right range), though skilled player can omit lock on which may bi-pass opponent defenses
- speed (u can combine slow and fast offensive skill to deal more damage at once)
- directional (direct, curve, above, below, etc..depend on opponent defense, u can change up to bipass their defenses)
- some offensive skills can also be used as defense (example: Photon burst can erase projectile if the damage is higher than the opponent)
- unlimited used, couple of uses, one time use

- direct front (against direct frontal hit only - tend to be pretty strong)
- 360 degree (again all direction - weaker)
- redirect/reverse (projectile only , can't block hand combat)
- status effect against the attacker (freeze skills, slow, immobolize, erase skills, recover energy for your self, etc....)
- break/lose defense skill (if The attack deal more damage than what it can defense against- example: Attack = 8, defense=4 > u take. 4 damage and lose your defense skill). Redirect/reverse not affect by damage level)

Status: (permanent/can be time limit)
- buff/debuff (increase speed, strength, aura recovery, etc... And vi versa), reverse status, or reset status....

Special skills:
- invisible = can't lock on to u and hard to see
- erase = erase opponent skills/environmental skills
- dash
- fly/jump
- steal (steal oponent skills, aura, orbs).

Environmental skills
- u set an orb anywhere on the battle arena to change the condition of the battle
- reduce all energy level, reverse everyone directional movement (my favorite cause it is funny to look at), increase energy requirement, etc...only allow certain skills level
- removal: Specific skill to remove it or simply ran to it and pick em up (it is pretty funny if some one set that reverse movement orbs)

That is just a quick summary, but there are just so much more strategy involves. The game tested your creativity and strategy skills as well as your reaction. You can technically play in any style u like if you could come up with an effective arsenal that support your style. Trust me, there is no other game out there that is like this one.

User Info: Blackmagikks

3 years ago#20
I bought it used but it was easily the best arena based multiplayer game i've played, and even though i was fairly young I remember the story getting pretty heavy/emotional. The multiplayer is just insanely good, the enviorments were destructible, and the pacing was perfect. It was SO far ahead of its time.
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