Argh, wii u or xbox one?!

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User Info: Garage_Man

3 years ago#21
Wii u. That's what Imma get. Thing is finally looking good with everything it offers.

User Info: KillerKidner

3 years ago#22
If you already own a PS4 I would say get a WiiU as most games on the X1 will also be on your PS4. Unless you are willing to pay hundreds just for a handful of games that aren't on your PS4 then thats up to you. :)
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User Info: Master X

Master X
3 years ago#23
Simply for variety I'd say Wii U, since its game content is more unique (PS4/ONE share a lot of games), but I guess it depends on when you're getting the console. As always, if you're getting it now, get the console that has the games you want that are out NOW, and by the time the games on the other system come out, who knows maybe you'll have enough to buy that as well?
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User Info: dnmt

3 years ago#24
Wii U.

User Info: slowdog76

3 years ago#25
DerekRoss posted...
The pay wall is stopping me from a XO ...

what paywall?
I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.

User Info: HighwayPilot

3 years ago#26
slowdog76 posted...
DerekRoss posted...
The pay wall is stopping me from a XO ...

what paywall?
The one stopping you from playing games online for free.

User Info: squidney2k1

3 years ago#27
Xbox One.

Wait until mid-to-late 2015 for a Wii U when all of the newly announced titles can actually come out.
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User Info: ricardo241

3 years ago#28

You can play most of the XBONE game in PS4 afterall ;v
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User Info: snake_5036

3 years ago#29
Wii U. Since you have no Wii, you can catch up on games you missed out on thanks to backwards compatibility to fill in the gaps between game releases.
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User Info: nedrith

3 years ago#30
Wii U. XB1 has some decent exclusives but most of theirs end up on PC. Between a PS4, Wii U, and a PC you can play almost every major game except for the few XB1 exclusives that don't go to the PC.
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