The Fan Boyism is Strong in Todays Poll.

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User Info: Ghost-inZeShell

3 years ago#121
GymTanSoccer posted...
Literally a popularity contest.

Isn't every poll?
I demand a Majora's Mask remake!

User Info: Team_Ninja

3 years ago#122
Come on...........Nintendo clearly hired shills online.

User Info: U-WOT-M8

3 years ago#123
It's funny to watch Fenris run himself into walls all the time when he thinks he has a good argument lol

User Info: kyncani

3 years ago#124
Demon_Acker posted...
Team_Ninja posted...
OpheliaAdenade posted...
But if the xbone was winning I'm sure you'd consider it to be a completely accurate and unbiased poll, right? :v

But yea, totally, I'm sure only nintendo fans visit the homepage and vote. The numerous xbone fans must not know how to find it or something.

Xbox never wins a poll here, so it's a legit argument.

2008 Winner: Microsoft
2009 Winner: Microsoft

If anyone wanted to see a difference between the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One, this would do.
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