Why no Guilty Gear?

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User Info: Mega Wolf

Mega Wolf
3 years ago#1
Why you do this arc systems?
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User Info: ThatLaoGuy

3 years ago#2
JP onry, son. Ain't nobody got time to xbone
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User Info: JELIFISH19

3 years ago#3
Xbox doesn't do well in Japan. ASW a Japanese developer and publisher. ASW doesn't want to use resources making the game for Japanese Xboxes since it won't sell. Anything that gets localized is done by a different publisher. Aksys (American publisher) or Zen Digital (European publisher) don't have an Xbox version to localize so it stays a PS exclusive. The localizing publishers can port it to Xbox if they want but they don't want to spend the extra resources porting it since that's not what they primarily do.
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