Battlefield Hardline beta coming to Xbox One!

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User Info: youngskillz

3 years ago#11
played it once, then left it for destiny alpha.

rehashed military shooters are killing the genre.
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User Info: james259

3 years ago#12
MRL3G3ND posted...
james259 posted...
Kinda hopes this makes Premium for BF4 go down in price soon

lol While you are being cheap we are having loads of fun...the extra $50 is well worth it, not only do you get the new maps early, but you get a ton of unlocks and boosters
BF4 is a game that will never get old for a long long time...

Woah were did that come from? Sorry sir but you do not no my financial situations. I'm a college student with rent to pay. Yes I could shell out 50 right now and I probably will soon once my friend gets the game. But to call me cheap is a little much.

I love BF but there was no reason to pay for premium until my friend gets the game. It would just be convenient if the price had gone down by then. I wasn't knocking on BF or Dice
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