Full NPD May Hardware Numbers

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User Info: Pizzatarian

3 years ago#251
StrongBlackVine posted...
Pizzatarian posted...
BeefEaster posted...
ok, if it's not true then why are the sales so low?

they're almost the same as the 360

Who would buy a $499 system when they don't want a Kinect, especially when the Kinectless bundle comes out the following month?

This isn't the first bad month for Xbox One. Why do you think the price and Microsoft's vision was dropped so soon?

It depends on how you are looking at the Xbox One sales. Are they bad in comparison to the PS4? Yes. But in comparison to the 360 (Cumulative: 1.73 million through May 2006), the Xbox One is selling much better within the same time period (Cumulative: 2.64 million through April 2014), and that system even launched a year ahead of the PS3 and the Nintendo Wii.


Also, there is no denying that the policy changes occurred because, in Microsoft's words, "they wanted to give the consumers more options", which realistically means they just wanted to boost sales in order to remain competitive with the PS4. However, your statement doesn't change the first part of my question: "Who would buy a $499 system when they don't want a Kinect?" In other words, the NPD sales results for June will be much more interesting.
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User Info: 3HP

3 years ago#253
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