Xbox one/ps4 owners: Which system do you prefer?

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User Info: kcypher2000

3 years ago#31
Tajaz2426 posted...
kcypher2000 posted...
mygoodluckcharm posted...
kcypher2000 posted...
carljenk posted...
Xbox One doesn't have real exclusives since they will all eventually be ported to PC

So then ps3 had no exclusives because they are already bein ported through psnow.

Go ahead and 180 now kid.

Okay then, XBone and PS3 doesn't have real exclusive.

I choose PS4, WiiU and of course PC!

funny though, why do you compare the XBone with last gen console lol.

Funny how you ignore the pony who makes a big deal about dead rising 3, one game being ported. See this is the 180s i speak of.

Its bad if any xbox game goes to pc and apparently no longer counts. But when ps3 games are ported iver to vita and ps4 they still count? You kids have 0 consistency.

If resolution matters then you should demand 1080p from Sony all the time.

If indies count then all 3000 on 360 counted.

If exclusives must be on only one platform and never on another then that holds true for ps3 as well which means the ps4 will most likely follow suit compared to one xbox one exclusive .

Btw if you had a gaming pc and resolution matterred youd not bother with a ps4.

I agree exclusive is only one console. So, TLOU, MLB, etc is not exclusive anymore. Once MLB is only on the 4 it will exclusive again.

My opinion of course, the saying exclusive is so watered down it can be in 99 systems, but if it isn't on one console, some folks consider it exclusive. Makes no sense.

Personally i consider those exclusives because if i only had one console last gen i wouldnt have been able to play it. I consider disgaea the best ps3 exclusives but under the whole Titanfall argument they stopped being exclusive as soon as they were ported to vita.

I dont agree with that but people should be consistent.

User Info: VoidBeyond

3 years ago#32
TC asked for owners of both consoles, trolls. Not trolls to flood the topic saying PS4 r best
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User Info: spurrierzook

3 years ago#33
AceMagase posted...
X1 because of Forza and Titanfall. MLB has finally given me a reason to turn on my ps4

Same here. MLB was the reason I got a used PS4 and used Vita. I did buy WatchDogs for the PS4 because of extra content, but I don't care for it too much yet?

User Info: james259

3 years ago#34
XB1. Actually sold my PS4 because Killzone could not hold my attention and infamous seemed lackluster. Plus all my achievements and friends are on Xbox

Also my friend is about to trade in his PS4 for an xbox because he's the only one with a PS4 in out friend group. Not because he didn't like it.
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User Info: leathelj

3 years ago#35
Xbox always have I just prefer the games and the system all it's features achievements etc iv had plenty of good times on my xb360 and now my xb1 i still plan to get a ps4 later on I do own a ps3 tho and I enjoy that as well no wii u sold that junk awhile ago not looking back no offense to ppl who enjoy it.
Every one has there own opinions unless theirs is stupid.

User Info: revolution3603

3 years ago#36
kcypher2000 posted...
I love the ponies pretending to own both consoles. Newsflash kiddies when you say the ps4 plays games better, no one believes you because no one with a brain is buying multiplats on both systems.

Trolls here are so transparent.

Hey kcypher those are some lovely pearls did Microsoft give those to you
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User Info: Gambitbuzzkill

3 years ago#37
I play my X1 a lot more then my PS4.

User Info: AnimalManBuddyB

3 years ago#38
I prefer the PS4, but Xbox One has way more games I like

User Info: AceAndJunpei

3 years ago#39
Am I the only one laughing at CRY-cry's claim that a streaming game is the same as a port?

A port has to be re-coded to run on another system. A streaming game does not.

Talk about ignorance;)

User Info: revolution3603

3 years ago#40
Right now both are lacking.

I like that Sony seems willing to explore new ideas like no mans sky and everyone gone to rapture shooters are getting old and x1 seems to be building there console around that.
Fly Eagles Fly on the road to victory E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!!!
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