Why don't MS get Rare to make good videogames?

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User Info: PS2 4 Life

PS2 4 Life
3 years ago#31
"The SNES and PSX still have the best jRPGs of all time that still stand up on their own."

Hey, I am not saying that older classic games are not still great. Hell, a lot of my favorite games of all time are from the SNES and PS1 era. But, if you go back and look at most of these games objectively. They are almost always nowhere near as good as you remember.

Take Secret of Mana. My all time favorite SNES JRPG.

The story is almost non-existent and what is there is quite bland. Magic can be easily spammed to exploit bosses. And the combat system has almost no depth to it. Hold down attack button, spam charged attack. You can also tell the game was rushed and is kind of a mess for the last half of the game.

I can see through all this because it is still a great game. But, it is also because I have great memories of playing 3 player co-op in Secret of Mana every weekend with my friends during my school days.
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User Info: ArchMageSynok

3 years ago#32
Kameo was a great game, shame it sold so poorly, would have loved a sequel.
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