You are in a Zombie apacalypse with the weapon you last used weapon in a game

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User Info: Keirberos

3 years ago#41
Last game played was KotOR, with a lightsaber so... I think I'll be just fine. That or I'll chop my own leg off.

User Info: sword_artist_

3 years ago#42
Biggoron's Sword. I should be just fine, especially combined with the Hylian Shield.
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User Info: Heracylost

3 years ago#43
M103 American Tir9 Heavy Tank. Fully loaded. I'm good...
Time To Roll Out, all over them.

User Info: g7g7g7g7

3 years ago#44
I was playing mass effect 1 so luckily for me ammo isn't a problem.
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User Info: SteelTooth

3 years ago#45
The better grenade launcher from Watch Dogs.

I'm good for clearing out a few hoards, them I reckon I'll pummel them back for a stint.
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User Info: oldgamingfan

3 years ago#46
A moonblade from Baldurs gate

Decapitation time
the end of the world is coming and I'm ready

User Info: shawntew9935

3 years ago#47
Atlas titan. Squishy squishy.
GT SuaveCorpsey

User Info: Dreag0n

3 years ago#48
A giant katana that makes stuff explode from Monster Hunter. Technically the last weapon I've used in my game is a hellenistic greek army but I don't think that counts.
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User Info: 2020_Nino

3 years ago#49
The Humming Quasar aka Badass giant sword from Atelier Escha and Logy. If I was strong enough to even lift it, I could kills scores of zombies.

Actually, I think I'm screwed because that thing weighs a ton, it's too cumbersome to use indoors and if I try to attack them from outside, I'd be out in the open and proceed to get overrun when I'm too tired. It's heavy too so it's either I flee w/o out and get overwhelmed because there's too many in the way, or I stay but I wouldn't kill all of them before they swarm me

Bad ending, indeed.
Hello. My name is Nino. You killed my family, and you forced me to kill them again. Prepare to die!

User Info: ToxicJuicebox

3 years ago#50
Pikmin, I'm SCREWED.
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