Witcher 3 devs: Xbox One will get more powerful and is easier to work with!

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User Info: TrueBlue91

3 years ago#41
darkwizard3533 posted...
bob15x posted...
kingofjamaica posted...
devnull520 posted...
darkwizard3533 posted...

ps4 has more potential for growth then even the xbox one does.

This is not 100% true, but is going to be up to the developers working on the games. The PS4 is more of a "normal" architecture that works well with current engines we have. Once we start getting new engines with "current gen only" in mind, things might be different. GDDR5 is not the savior a lot of people wants it to be. ESRAM is ok, but is different from what game developers are used to.

They are building games for the One in a similar way that they used to build them for Xbox 360. This is the problem. Now, this could be MS fault for creating this "weird" architecture but eventually, once devs get used to the architecture things will be ok, and One will be ok. Now, we all know we've heard this story before with the PS3 and the cell. So only time will tell if MS bet pays off or was a huge mistake.

More GPU processing power and more bandwidth is never going to change. PS4 will always have more potential for graphics than the Xbox One. These are physical limitations that cannot be overcome, even with clever code.

and that difference won't make exclusive games more fun.

that debatable. graphics alone won't make a game more fun. but more powerful hardware paves the way for better physics, ai, environmental destruction/change in game real time and other elements that directly affect gameplay and whether or not its "fun".

It's not even that, it's just the fact that you wouldn't buy a pizza for $5 when you can get one slightly bigger and better for the same price elsewhere. You just wouldn't. So who in their right mind would buy a Bone?
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User Info: SoftAssassin

3 years ago#42
Don't mind bob15x. For someone that claims to "hate microsoft ", they sure do a whole bunch of defending and deflecting on their behalf. Notice how they never responded to the poster asking them if they even read the Euro gamer article. They conveniently change the subject to exclusive games won't be less fun. If you enjoy being a hypocrite, bob15x is the person to learn from.

User Info: ghostemp77

3 years ago#43
In 2020 when the next gen of consoles come out.
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