Damn I hate kinect.

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User Info: boolzero

3 years ago#71
GrimMTrixX posted...
I tried both "xbox turn on" and "xbox on" neither works. I just didn't feel like typing that I said both. lol But yea mine wont turn on when either is said let alone the correct one.

Did you actually have the option for it to do so turned on? If you were saying it and it wasn't working, it sounds to me that you never had the voice options to wake up the system when you say "Xbox on" checked in the Power & Startup options...

But you sold it so never mind...
Death is a dish best served with gravy...

User Info: BigBee2005

3 years ago#72
The kinect's great, works fine for me.
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User Info: Cashew

3 years ago#73
Xbox on rarely works for me as it is
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User Info: Exodus_Prime

3 years ago#74
Illogical_Poet posted...
liquidblue4 posted...
*TC casually talking to his imaginary Kinect instead of playing games or talking to real people*

"hmmm I wonder how I can troll the Xbone board 2day lolz haha". He ponders.

His eyes slowly see his Playstation camera sitting there collecting dust pathetically. Suddenly he realizes how much he hates Xbox and their stupid camera even though he bought a dollar store version of it for his PS4.
All he can think of is the great topic that he's going to go make on the Xbox One board about how badly it works in his mind. Surely it will ruin their day.

Consumed by the glory of his glowing dualshock he furiously pounds his keyboard to create the 15th troll topic of the day.
"Kinect sucks because it connects to Kinect!" He yells at his screen.

He presses the post button. Horror comes over him as he sees the mistake that he made.

He totally forgot to say "Xbox turn on!". As he posts this final piece of information he realizes that he has surely won.

He leans back in his seat and sips a Mt. Dew. The girls will surely be beating down his door any minute now. Just like every other time.

Dumbest topic today, and best post in said topic of the day! Hahaha

LOL this made my day.....

"Trolls are the dudebros of Gamefaqs. They just don't realize it." - curtland
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User Info: MrImpatient35

3 years ago#75
Hudson_RL posted...
Unlucky for you. I think mine is great. Also, I'd say that you are lying.

I've noticed, since I got my Titanfall bundle, that MOST of the negative things said about X1 or Kinect are all lies that people seem to believe. I game with 4 friends from NY all the time, and do chats with them. I rarely hear them have to repeat themselves with Kinect. My main friend who I talk to all the time, maybe repeated himself twice since March. I think TC is full of s***.
"It's not my fault that your album went double garbage-bag."

User Info: SonyPonyTony

3 years ago#76
Happiness is knowing Xbox makes these ponies so mad they become full of life-changing fail for our entertainment :)
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User Info: chubbychaser

3 years ago#77
SonyPonyTony posted...
Happiness is knowing Xbox makes these ponies so mad they become full of life-changing fail for our entertainment :)

Yeah. Agree! Always On, Always Listening and Always mining kinect is such a winning!
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User Info: DvoloS88

3 years ago#78
BigBee2005 posted...
The kinect's great, works fine for me.
Microsoft fans and Sony fans, can't we all just get along?...

User Info: ScRui

3 years ago#79
LOL .... The fail here is seriously hilarious...

Learn how to properly setup your electronics instead of blaming the equipment...

Sounds like a person who buys a surround sound system and sets up the speakers backwards (front speakers in the back and back speakers to the front) then blames the surround system for not working properly...

You are either a troll or unable to follow simple 5 minute instructions...

Kinect isn't perfect but it is 99% accurate if properly calibrated...

If you are having issues try to follow the calibration process... When it asks you to put your volume up and be completely quiet... Make sure You have your surround sound, tv and/or ceiling fan, window AC unit ON... Pretty much anything that might be on while you are gaming...

Then finish calibration.... You can literally having all those things on and your tv/surround sound on max volume and your Kinect will still hear you...

Obviously you won't have it on max (usually) but if you did... Still works...

That is why TC is full of b.s.
"Be Smart @ Being Stupid & You'll NEVER Lose"
<If you ain't #NoseDeep, you ain't doing it right>

User Info: ScRui

3 years ago#80
So has anyone with a problem, calibrated it as I explained?
"Be Smart @ Being Stupid & You'll NEVER Lose"
<If you ain't #NoseDeep, you ain't doing it right>
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