1080p is important to many people because of their TVs.

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User Info: Juzten76

3 years ago#71
Sometimes the desire for certain exclusives, features, peripherals, social circles, and online service outweighs the desire for a few extra yet barely noticeable lines of resolution or frames on some multi-platform games. There's more to choosing a console than just picking the one that runs multiplatform games a little better. Especially when the games look great on the console with weaker ram which has the exclusives, features, peripherals, social circle, and online service I prefer.

After all, if exclusives, features, peripherals, social circle, and online service didn't matter to me, but raw power did, I'd be exclusively a PC gamer where the graphical differences actually are obvious. Instead I'm just a gamer who plays games on whatever I can get my hands on. Not someone who would waste my time mocking other gamers for spending money on gaming hardware and questioning their intelligence on a message board dedicated to that hardware.

There are some great games coming out, but I have a hard time imagining half the people on this message board actually enjoying anything other than treating each other like ***holes. People spend money on some strange things in this world but if it makes them happy, who am I to question it? It's their money. This is a gaming forum for gamers. Gamers share a love of gaming and we enjoy discussing it. Questioning each other's choice of gaming platform is not a love of gaming.
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User Info: Chargrilled

3 years ago#72
schwatzz posted...
I concur.
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User Info: N3xtG3nGam3r

3 years ago#73
I think why some people are bothered that some here hang on resolution, is because of a few things.

One is that it all started because before games were even released, there was speculation, that the X1 was considerably weak compared to the PS4. Upon release, the easiest way to compare the difference in power between the two, was by counting pixels, which by all means, rendering 1080p versus 720p requires a considerable amount of power, even for the same exact game. So since launch, counting pixels seems to be the way to identify the differences in the two consoles. That being said, normal people on this board, that are here for normal reasons, have to see the same topics all day long, flooding the board.

You cant really deny that when someone creates a topic talking about controller preference, that it isn't annoying when a few ''known trolls'' come into the topic and derail it into ''cool, does the console do 1080p?''.

Secondly, pixel counting is more or less an elitist thing to do, no matter how you look at it. Amazing graphics will be amazing in SD, or HD. The pixels don't make the graphics, they make the picture, sharper, or more crisp.

Back when the 360 came out, I had just came off a 4 year PC binge, where I upgraded my parents PC, so I could game on it. At the time, I had a decent card, but it couldn't really do the same things the 360 was doing just as easily, or with no effort. Oblivion for example, was far more enjoyable on 360, than PC for me, because I had a 250$ card at the time, and would have needed to spend another 2-300 to run Oblivion max settings. I got a 360 instead. When the 360 began to stifle, and seem like it had hit its maximum, I went ahead and built another PC. I did this because I had played games in sub-HD long enough, and I could afford it. But seriously, the main reason I upgraded to PC in this case, was so that I could play the same games console gamers played, but in ultra HD, with all the advanced effects that come with it, not because im an elitist, but because im an enthusiast.

These people are not enthusiasts, and long story short, the PS4 is a console, and in a year or two, it will begin to show. Either games are going to fall way behind what PC versions are doing, or the resolutions are going to become lesser, and lesser. OR...and I don't even want to say this--the PC versions will be held back because of the consoles.

The X1 and PS4 will not be able to sustain 1080p gaming, with an ever increasing graphic quality throughout the entire generation. Its not possible.

If people can come to terms with that, they will feel stupid arguing over whos console can do X amount more pixels, because that victory will be very, very short lived.
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