I want to buy an Xbox One

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User Info: Bellagio_5

3 years ago#1
But I am scared of it leaking a milky white liquid.

There were reports of this. What do I do?
Users that don't know what the word "troll" means or lack intelligence: Kool-AidMaster, morgan_von_veb.

User Info: MolotovMan

3 years ago#2
Play games on it, stop rubbing it.
GT: MolotovMan1263
3770K / Asrock Pro4 / GByte 6950 / 8 GB RAM

User Info: Jedi454

3 years ago#3
Drink the milk dude. I've had my console since launch and no milk has come out yet, but i've been gentle to my girl, if I give her a squeeze, milk might come out.
Owner of: Ps3/ 360/ XB1/ Aesthetic mind

User Info: raingamer011

3 years ago#4
Buy your Cute Xbox One and enjoy the next era of gaming
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