Xbox won't sign in (is this happening to anyone else?)

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User Info: Rizzman111

3 years ago#1
When I try signing in, it says, we can't sign you in, then it has this x86 thing
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User Info: CaptainSnowman

3 years ago#2
Yeah, I'm getting the same problem. Seems to be on their end.
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User Info: ArchMageDiablo

3 years ago#3
I'm getting this too, went to thinking maybe they would have a Maintenance announcement, dunno what I was thinking, that site never has any useful information...
All network diagnostics show "All Good" and im able to access the store, but without logging in I cant get mah games wit gold >.<

User Info: Wond3rBr3ad

3 years ago#4
glad I'm not the only one
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User Info: Darth Stalin

Darth Stalin
3 years ago#5
Cool, it's not just me. My 360 could sign in, but not my One
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User Info: Thaistik

3 years ago#6
Five finger death punch

User Info: Peter7656

3 years ago#7
Yeah, I'm having the same issue. On the Xbox Live service status page they have it listed as an issue right now.

User Info: LaZboY

3 years ago#8
Same here. This is the best I could find on it: . It says that the service is limited right now.
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User Info: cloudtheprophet

3 years ago#9
Yeah I'm getting it too. I went on Xbox/ that's not loading my account either. I guess live is down for some reason.
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User Info: KarlPilkington_

3 years ago#10
Glad to see we're all in the same crappy boat
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