Sniper Elite 3 is amazing.

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User Info: Virobot

3 years ago#51
gobuffalo30 posted...

It's the xbox one boards, any negative thoughts is considered trolling or the poster is a pony. Those are the rules

This. I asked a legit question about how the tv functionality worked, and I got blasted from diehard Xbone fans that I was a pony and a troll. Also, my family, who no one should know on here, was also insulted, all from asking a simple question.

It's the sad fact that this board is very defensive about everything.
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User Info: Rome218

3 years ago#52
Well there are a lot of trolls on this thread. Go to the PS4 boards and notice a difference. There are people here I know from the beginning of the year that come on here daily to start arguments over a toy. A lot of times they get their alt accounts.

So some people do become defensive. If I name a game, a guy will tell me it sucks and based o his reasons, I can tell he had not played the game. That is kind of annoying, and I think a lot of these people are grow ups mixed with kids.

That is ashame. It's like seeing a bunch of kids playing Pokemon cards at a tournament at your local pizza place, and out of the 30 contestants, 2 are grow ups and a three are teens.

User Info: pacmania98

3 years ago#53
The game is amazing If you do't think you will like it come see my video and make sure.

User Info: Charity_Diary

3 years ago#54
Rome218 posted...
Ignore clarity or whatever's post. He lied about playing this game. I replied to his large post about not being able to shoot through wood(you can) and how enemies can see you in the corner of their eye and everyone will know you where you are.(Sniper Elite V2 buddy, stealth is handled very competently.)

Then he said the foliage is solid can not be walked through. Well that wouldn't be fun and it is also incorrect. I go through foliage AC style all the time.

Also, again, the paid attention to just small things. I was in the desert and the guy I was playing with was sprinting, and I appreciated how well I could see dust kick up from when he was running.

I don't care if you PC game, PS4, XB1, heck, even 360 and PS3 can get on this game. I recommend it, and don't listen to people who don't play, they usually do not even prove it.

GT: Wolf Rome DA

Lol okay, it's not like I have achievements on the game or anything *rolls eyes*

Lordcrabfood posted...
No a better looking Deadly Premonition would of detracted from the game's charm. The directors edition on the ps3 proved this. It was better looking then the 360 version but ultimately lacked the charm of the graphically lesser version.

Well, GameFAQs users have finally reached the ultimate level of ridiculousness. Apparently having worse graphics allows games to be way better.

Would Outlast be as good with Minecraft graphics? Of course not. It's beautiful, it's realistic, it's immersive. And if we're talking about a game that is stylized and not necessarily focused on having realistic graphics, the visuals can always be better, if not simply clearer. It's like comparing Psychonauts to the 360 Alice in Wonderland game. Both stylized, but AiW has much better graphics.

User Info: dementedlullaby

3 years ago#55
I heard it was stupid short.
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The passion of lovers is for death

User Info: SixStringHero

3 years ago#56
I have one question. Is this game like Max Payne 3 where you actually see the entry and exit wound of the bullet?

I'm not talking about the X-Ray cam either, as that shows the bullet causing damage, I am talking about walking up to the character model you just sniped and actually seeing a bullet entry and exit point on the body.

Would be really silly to have all that cam detail but leave the body perfectly in tact.
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