Xbox one: buy now or later?

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User Info: ngoode

3 years ago#1
Hi all, i really want an Xbox one as iv just graduated and i am incredibly bored, plus i feel like i deserve a reward for getting a good grade. I have the money to buy one at the moment but do you think there will be price drop again this year?

Also, i don't have any interest in kinetic but i don't want to buy the 'kinetic free' package if future games rely on it, so should i get the Xbox without kinetic?

Before anyone says it, i don't want a PS4 instead, as i really want to play Titanfall and the upcoming Halo titles plus i hate the PS controller (personal opinion).

Any advice? Thanks in advance.

User Info: Aceviper

3 years ago#2
get titanfall for pc and wait until the halos you want come out before getting one
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User Info: dnmt

3 years ago#3
Aceviper posted...
get titanfall for pc and wait until the halos you want come out before getting one

Yep. Later is always better and you can already get a Kinect-less Xbone for $360 in places like Groupon so another price drop is imminent.

User Info: ngoode

3 years ago#4
Thanks for the quick responses. If i had a good enough pc i would already have bought Titanfal, so the Xbox version is really my only choice(a good gaming pc would be too expensive). Ill wait for a price drop then, i'm just sooooo bored which is making me impatient.

When i do eventually get one, is the 'kinect free' version the way to go? i don't want to have to buy kinect later in order to play certain games.

User Info: Bellum_Sacrum

3 years ago#5
Later is always better. Usually around the middle of the generation is the best time.
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User Info: slowdog76

3 years ago#6
dont worry about chasing price drops. no one knows for sure if and when they land till they're announced. plus, if there is one in 3 months, then whats to say that it might not drop again a couple months later when next new game is announced, or at least a bundle. if you want it now and can afford it now then buy it now.

and as for kinect, thats up to you. there are those of us that like it, there are lots that dont. no one knows the standalone price yet, so its hard to advise in that respect. personally, i love the all-round experience it provides to just general console use, though i have seen cool little ways it can be utilised in games too

my advice? shop around and see what deals you can get for both with and without. if you find an price thats agreeable to you, then get it now. waiting is daft if you can afford it though
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User Info: beerhammer1

3 years ago#7
I'm not jumping on the next gen yet. Neither system really has much in the way of games. I like to wait for all the bugs to get worked out, the prices to come down and for a decent sized library before I get into a new system.My kids wanted PS4's for Xmas and now they just collect dust.

User Info: AWarAmp84

3 years ago#8
Now is a pretty good time to buy it. We're starting to see some games coming out for it finally.
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User Info: loafy013

3 years ago#9
Do you have a 360? Grab titanfall for that if you do.
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User Info: Jedi454

3 years ago#10
Any time is a good time to buy an Xbox One, that being said a lot of games are coming out from September onwards though.
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