So 68% Of Gamefaqs users do not want a Xbox One?....Damn

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User Info: chubbychaser

3 years ago#171
MacrossSpecial posted...
Run_2_the_Hills posted...
MacrossSpecial posted...
It'll probably be about the same for ps4, there is just no reason to own one yet.

Obviously I would take one if it were offered but I wouldn't pay for one.

no it was already done for the ps4 yesterday or the day before:



I guess it is just microsoft then. They really made a lot of enemies out of consumers with the shenanigans they pulled in the months before release.

Yep. Most gamers dont trust microsoft anymore.
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User Info: shinomori_kyo

3 years ago#172
It's not that I don't want one, they're just way too expensive for me right now. So the same answer had to be given for every system.

My brother just got one the other week though.
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User Info: leelee3105

3 years ago#173
30% dont want one. 38% are jealous trolls who just got a used PS3 this year
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User Info: Jerrynsteph4eva

3 years ago#174
The thing is, the systems are both relatively new with no major "gotta have that" game yet. I mean, PS4 has Killzone and Infamous, but I hear they're not system sellers (LBP3 was selling me on a PS4 until they announced the PS3 version). Same with Microsoft. Microsoft has Titanfall and Killer Instinct, but Titanfall is also on PC/360 and KI always felt like the underdog compared to Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, even back in the 90s. The Halo Collection looks awesome but it's merely a collection of 4 games you can already play on the 360.

My point is, wait till some epic system exclusives come out before judging the systems. Both seem pretty awesome (I know I love my One except for the lack of games at this point and I know I'll pick up a PS4 eventually) but there's nothing on either at this point to shell out $400, which is likely why people are voting so low. Give it time.

User Info: nb003_99

3 years ago#175
So 68% are ponies.
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User Info: avanent

3 years ago#176
nb003_99 posted...
So 68% are ponies.

Which at least half of owned xbox 360s?

User Info: dnmt

3 years ago#177
avanent posted...
nb003_99 posted...
So 68% are ponies.

Which at least half of owned xbox 360s?

I know I did. My first console last gen and it was marvelous, for a time.

User Info: ILikesCheese

3 years ago#178
PublicAnimal9 posted...
JanayBerry posted...
ILikesCheese posted...
JanayBerry posted...
Had an Xbox 360 from 2006 unti about January this year. The ONLY reason I got rid of it was because Microsoft suspended me twice due to billing. The error was on their end... Microsoft said I'd have to agree to a 12-month contract of $14.99 a month for Live, which I refused. Over 400 digital games are wasted, including DLC.

Cases like this are the PERFECT reason to record the conversations with XBox Support over the phone and post them on Youtube.

Truth be told, in the back of my mind, I really want another X360. I just can't stomach not being able to play certain delisted games that I originally paid for, such as Double Dragon, the arcade version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Smash TV, Gauntlet, etc...and not to mention my 130k gamerscore.

Never use a credit card to pay for a Gold subscription. That's asking for trouble. Buy a 12 month Gold card/code on eBay instead. Much cheaper and much safer.

I would say the exact opposite.

ALWAYS use a credit card to purchase ANYTHING online. That way if something goes wrong, it is much, much, MUCH easier to have your purchase refunded through the credit company. Use a gift or debit card and that money is at the mercy of the retailer, which means you almost always lose.
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User Info: wrettcaughn

3 years ago#179
Ehhh... I just have the 360 and xb1 pages bookmarked so I never even see the polls... I'm sure I can't be the only xb1 owner who doesn't participate.
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User Info: TheGam3925

3 years ago#180
Xbox fangirls seem to think that the popular opinion of the world doesn't matter and that gamefaqs is controlled by Sony fans. Have fun living in denial Xbox cheerleaders.

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