I have a gaming pc,wii u,ps4 but want a xbox one next year but this is a deal

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User Info: jaymart_2k

3 years ago#1

If I was to just buy it now I know I'll only be playing Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon 2 , maybe Halo Collection.

You see all of my 3rd party game are for PS4. That would leave Wii U & Xbox One for just 1st party games.

While I don't see this year being that great for Xbox One for 1st party games imo I do see a great year for 2015 which I was planning to get one then.

What would you do? I do have the money but for 2-3 games.
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User Info: njkking01

3 years ago#2
buy it and get dead rising 3
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User Info: Zodiac080704

3 years ago#3
njkking01 posted...
buy it and get dead rising 3

I don't get the appeal of that game. I downloaded and played the demo, I played it through and was bored and completely disappointed.

User Info: lunchbox2042

3 years ago#4
That isn't really a deal. The bundle retailed between $450-500 when it came out in March. Heck just last week at Target I got the Forza 5 Xbox one with Kinect bundle along with Titanfall for $500.

User Info: maizemaize

3 years ago#5
Nah, just go for PC version. You may also want to sell PS4 and use the money to upgrade your PC.

User Info: wavvvves

3 years ago#6
Sell the ps4 since it has no games. If you have a pc, why not buy multiplats on that?

User Info: skip_dog

3 years ago#7
i got that same bundle last week for 100 bucks cheaper. I just got my one today, i couldn't pass up the offer for 440 bucks since xbox one has more exclusives this year that i want to play compared to ps4.

This bundle is pretty good for ps4, if i seen this last week, I would have had to flip a coin for either ps4 or the one.


Also the 100 gift car you get form dell can be used to purchase a 100$ nintendo 2ds, pretty awesome package there with ps4 and 2ds.
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User Info: Millertime660

3 years ago#8
TC help me make life decisions!
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  3. I have a gaming pc,wii u,ps4 but want a xbox one next year but this is a deal

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