If you made a video game what would it be like?(detailed replies please)

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User Info: Road_Kill_666

3 years ago#1
Game Name: Ascension Wars

Genre: 3rd person/1st person Shooter

My game is about the struggle of power between Human, Angels, and Aliens in a 3 way war.
what makes this game different from most shooters is that the game would heavily focus on vertical free flying aerial combat. Combining the old game Nights with Battlefield to create a gritty airborne shooter where the combat takes place in fight as you battle other races. The only time you have to land is if you need to grab new weapons, ammo, or power ups.

Human - Soldiers who fly with Jet packs on their back or jet boots on their feet. Uses normal human weaponry but size affects flight so carrying an LMG will make you fly slower, less maneuverable, and effects climbing altitude greatly.

Angels - A race of aliens that are half man/half bird that have humans have labeled as Angels. Angels have two classes: Angels of Light and Angels of Darkness. both classes have and choosing more durable wings grants you higher defense but weights you down. Weapons are Holy variations of human weapons that shoot bright golden bullets.

Aliens - Aliens are humanoid looking beings who fly without wings or technology. they fly on their own accord and shoot bullets, beams, and lasers out of their hands and eyes. They use up a lot of internal power so they have to consume energy to replace what is used in battle.

Skills: Every class will have variations on how to perform special tactical moves ie: barrel rolls, hard banks, hovering ect.

Equipment: Classes will choose weapons that effect the other classes ie: EMP grenades effect human players by knocking out there jet packs causing them to free fall( duration lasts 5 seconds). Organism virus grenades have the same affect on aliens; infects and stuns their nervous system and paralyzes their powers( duration lasts 5 seconds).

The maps will all take place on a planet with fluctuating gravity so there are always tons of debris, star ships, planes, boats, small islands floating around with ammo and weapon cashes. Land and re-arm up when you can and get back into the fight. You fly in 3rd person and when you aim down sights you go to first person.

a FPS taking place in mid air 3,000 feet above ground.

what kind of game would you make if you had all the resources you could want to make a game?
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  3. If you made a video game what would it be like?(detailed replies please)

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