IF you have both..

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User Info: Phrostbyte101

3 years ago#11
For me its

Xbox - Everything
ps4 - exclusives
pc - exclusives

Dont care much for the ps4 gamepad, triggers are squeaky and feel awkward to switch between bumpers/trigger.

User Info: Haeravon

3 years ago#12
I was the same way TC-had more games for the PS2 than the Xbox, but I have about 80 Xbox 360 games and maybe 20 PS3 games. Definitely going to favor the PS4 this gen, though-superior hardware means superior multiplats, and Sony didn't try any DRM nonsense the way Microsoft did last year.
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User Info: quincy2000a

3 years ago#13
"if you have both systems, which one do u buy most multiplats for and why?"

PS4--Multiplatformers, because of better graphics and more power




--According to Yoshida, the second reason for PS4’s popularity is the console’s technical superiority against its competitor. Whether it is processor speed or the performance of its graphics card, the PS4 is either identical or outperforms Xbox One on most fronts. The end result of this is an immersive game experience, one that enables design and development of games for diverse audiences. “It (the Sony PS4) is better for people who care about (console) specifications,” says Yoshida.--
"Correct. Xbox One is Kinect." Microsoft VP
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User Info: lnfested_Zombie

3 years ago#14
I switched back & forth(like 2-3 times & some of my buddies here knew that) but I finally decided to have it all on Xbox One.

Due to achievements(This thing is just a bonus but not my real thing), friends, controller & etc..
I tried to love the DS4 & its UI over the XB1's but I just can't..
Ever since I moved to 360 its hard to go back on Sony consoles..
Also I had more friends(Real life & from here) on XBL than PSN.
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User Info: desert_santa

3 years ago#15
Will be trying to split evenly.

Since I have Xbox live gold any games where the multiplayer interests me will be bought on my x1. For example destiny.

However the next game I buy will be for the ps4 to make up the balance. Dragon age 3 for example.

Trying to buy stuff for the wii u too but with delays, don't know how long I can wait for watch dogs for example.

User Info: Darth Stalin

Darth Stalin
3 years ago#16
LionHartZero posted...
Darth Stalin posted...
Xbox One. I buy the majority of my multiplats for it.I prefer the controller, UI and the integration of Kinect. There are certain multiplats I will only get on Sony consoles, like Metal Gear Solid (last gen and this gen), Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, etc. Apart from that all other multiplats will go to my X1.

haha...I definitely try to do the same thing and keep certain series "where they were born", like FF and MGS games being for PS (for some reason I never tried the Kingdom Hearts series...). Definitely agree with the controller issue though... I can use both systems' controllers, but if I HAD to pick only one controller to play the rest of my games with it'd be XBOX's in a heartbeat.

The kingdom hearts series is pretty good. Although some of the mechanics did not age too well, it is still pretty awesome. If you have a PS3, they have the Kingdom heats 1.5 and 2.5 will be coming out this year, I believe. It is an action rpg, so it is a bit different from FF.

The each of them comes with 3 Kingdom Hearts games.
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User Info: BryanPS360

3 years ago#17
I think I'll try to keep an even balance. My friends seem to be going with Xbox One, so I'll likely get the multiplats that I want to play with them on X1. Other multiplats that I won't be playing with my friends will be on my PS4.
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User Info: InjusticeReborn

3 years ago#18
Achievements swayed me last gen. Even when PlayStation got on board and introduced trophies, by that time I was invested in what I already had with achievements, and the fact 90% of friends were on XBL also made my decision to stick with one side a lot easier.

This time however, most of those friends have yet to decide which console they're going to get, be it one or both. I can't be bothered to wait, so I'm going PS4 first, but will have both eventually.

When the time comes, deciding on multi-plats will depend on, in some sort of order:

1) Friends - if it has online, and they're also getting it, I will game with them.
2) 'Exclusive' content - if one version is receiving content that will add to the game, I'll go for it, unless it conflicts with 1.

That is all I can think of for now...

With the PS4 supposedly having it's shoulder buttons the same as the Xbox for FPS (hate having R1 and L1 for shoot/aim), then that shouldn't be having an impact. Only thing controller preference can play a part of now is if I don't get used to the DS4 for FPS games (stick placement).
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User Info: LionHartZero

3 years ago#19
Controllers are definitely a deciding factor for me too as I know that there's no WAY I could play shooters/sports on the DS4 as well as I do now while using XBOX One.

I have the Wii U but, just like the last gen, I know that I'll have nowhere near as many games for that system in the end as I only really got it for Mario platformers, Zelda and Metroids.

Also, if achievements were what swayed you last gen as a previous poster said, why wouldn't they do the same now when your points a still cumulative with last gen's being included?

User Info: jnrad56

3 years ago#20
I have both xbox consoles and ps's and I buy multiplayer games for xbox and single player games for ps. Having playing online with both for almost 10 years and still xbox live is much better for online gaming
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