Anyone else gone all or almost all digital?

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User Info: swaggernaut

3 years ago#1
Because of game sharing and getting free Xbox money I've gone all digital so far. Sure if there's a game I want that becomes dirt cheap on disc I'll jump on it. But for now I'm leaning in getting games digitally. I'll be heart broken and angry if I can't access my digital library for any reason though.

User Info: phineasfool

3 years ago#2
I started going mostly digital last gen with the PS3.
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User Info: Jedi454

3 years ago#3
It's your money friend, you choose how to spend it. I can't go digital until there's an actual reason to.
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User Info: Ironcondorz

3 years ago#4
Not yet, but I am ready for it.

User Info: Pibugo

3 years ago#5
Not really. I do own plenty of digital games, though in comparison to the physical copies it's still extremely low and most of those are games are digital only anyway.
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User Info: BigSaltyDookie

3 years ago#6
Only on PC. Stream sales can be so great that I don't really mind.
I'd never go all digital on consoles though. Don't feel like I own a game without a physical copy. Plus I can't loan them to friends or sell them if they suck, so that's a big deal breaker.
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User Info: ComradeRyan

3 years ago#7
I always purchase a physical copy when it comes to retail games.
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User Info: AzaneAzer

3 years ago#8
I did on PC but not console yet, the advantages don't exist on console yet that steam has provided, I don't even have an optical drive on my PC I built last year, and it's inconvenienced me a total of 1 time out of ~300 purchases, however, my Console digital games were unaccessable (Around Titanfail's release), and having a 3 day period where my legitimately paid for games weren't playable made me hold off going full on with the DRM overlords.

(Before people say it, 85% of steam's library doesn't require internet to play)

User Info: Darth Stalin

Darth Stalin
3 years ago#9
I prefer physical and will only get a game in digital if it is significantly cheaper than the physical copy or it only comes in digital. I can see the appeal in it since there are those times that I would prefer not to take a game out of the case, pop it in, etc. With digital you can select or voice command it on kinect.
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