Microsoft will pay 360 owners $75 to buy the X1!

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User Info: SoulTrapper

3 years ago#181
ScRui posted...
Ooo almost forgot the rest of your post Mr SoulTrapper...

A momentum shift just means that they want to change the way Xbox ONE has been viewed since the Reveal show 2013...

No, read the article, he's talking specifically about sales when talking about the momentum shift:

"There's still work to do to increase sales," he continued. "The momentum shift is something to be encouraged by, but certainly there's more work to be done.

Now with the changes they made (which I don't agree with BTW) and them showing tons of games coming out that are being highly regarded by the gaming industry media... They are getting back from the bad PR and stigma of last year... Changing and giving more momentum for the console...

I also think MS has changed a lot of things because Sony kept it pretty standard when it came to 'changes' and the way Sony has sold so well also surprised MS...

Do they want to so-called 'catch up' to Sony, of course that means more money LOL... But to say they are struggling and doing bad is funny to say the least... They are both succeeding... In the long run one side makes more money for each... And it is NOT hardware...


The sales ARE struggling, the last reported number had the monthly sales lower than the 360 sales at the same time after launch.
That's not a good signal, especially not when you realize the 360 was constantly sold out.

The 360 sold 5 million by the end of June 2006. The current reports have the xbox one sitting at 4.8 million.

So it's selling less than the 360 did in the same amount of time.

The 360 ended up by the end of 2006 with 7.6 million consoles sold.

Which would mean Microsoft would have to sell more than 466.000 consoles per month to catch up to the 360 sales.

I don't think you'll try and argue that something like that is even close to being possible.

And again, the attachment rate for both consoles is pretty much equal right now, so the side that's selling more is also making more money.

Misinterpretation of tie ratios:

the larger the userbase, the harder it is to have a huge tie ratio. The tie ratio on a console with larger install base can often be smaller.
software does not scale linearly with hardware.
while these sales trends are interesting from a predictions point of view, it’s the actual number of games sold that publishers ultimately care about.

Now remember that for the future.

User Info: neogeoftw

3 years ago#182
Wow, and I thought the Wii U board was bad.

I was looking at getting an xbox one in the next month or so, but if I get selected for this offer I will pick one up sooner rather than later. Need to check my dashboard when I get home. Anyone get selected for this? Where does it show up?

User Info: Stejpan

3 years ago#183
Reading the title reminded me of this:
"Sleep is for babies, gamers play all night!" - Thomas Falsetta
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