Any borderlands type game for the one?

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User Info: StarmanAnthony

3 years ago#1
Any borderlands type game for the xbox one?
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User Info: MicrosoftLover

3 years ago#2
Have you tried Titanfall?
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User Info: Sith Jedi

Sith Jedi
3 years ago#3

User Info: garydavexxx

3 years ago#4
Not yet...Destiny in 2months
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User Info: avanent

3 years ago#5
I'm sure when they get to working on Borderlands 3, that it will be multiplat like the previous... so, maybe not yet... but probably eventually... I'd also say that destiny looks like it may have some similarities... at least in some of the rpg-ish elements.

Sith Jedi posted...

How is that helpful?

User Info: VoidBeyond

3 years ago#6
Destiny could be considered, Gearbox just announced today a 4 player co-op game that isn't Borderlands, they also said the Pre-Sequel could come to next gen is the demand is there.
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User Info: MrImpatient35

3 years ago#7
garydavexxx posted...
Not yet...Destiny in 2months

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