OT: what are your interests outside of gaming?

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User Info: PS4always

3 years ago#71
Sniper_Brosef posted...
PS4always posted...
its too safe, soul-less and boring to watch these days)

The f***? Formula One is f***ing amazing still... You're crazy, son!

I suggest you watch some classic races from the late 60s, mid 70's and even mid to late 80's.

Today its a pale shadow of its former self, the tracks are too safe and ruined with 10 miles of run-off instead of armco or gravel. The cars are ultra safe and if you took the paint and sponsors off them all, you'd have trouble telling one from another, unlike year ago where the cars were vastly different.

The drivers are soul-less PR robots who simple spout the PR line and have no charisma like Senna or Cevert and no gutsy 'I'll say what I want' style, like James Hunt.

Added gimmicks like KERS, ERS and DRS harm racing more than they help it. They are turning it from a Sport into a Show.. Thats not what attracted me to the sport, I want to see drivers pushing their cars very hard. These days they pootle around to a set 'delta time' as not to ruin their cheese tyres.. its all a mess these days.

I can only think that you are a casual fan or you've only been a fan for a few years if you think its so great. I highly suggest watching some classic season DVD's to see what a real F1 race should be. I've been a fanatical F1 fan since 1970, but even I admit the sport is very poor these days.

User Info: cheezedadada

3 years ago#72

My entire family is like that too. I have 2 brothers who are both almost exactly my height and my dad is just as tall too. A whole family full of future knee problems.

@DarthUchiha91 - @Sniper_Brosef

My co-worker next to me is 5'8" as well. I'm about to ask him to stand side-by-side with me so I can get a good idea. If he asks why, ill just tell him "Gamefaqs".
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