Your most addicting games and least played games on Xbox One

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User Info: PackersXLV

3 years ago#1
Most Addicting games

PvZ Garden Warfare: This game gets played the most out of my collection. I was getting tired of the generic shooters till I tried this and brought back the fun in shooters for me.

Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 DLC: This gets played more than the actual Dead Rising 3 game. Best DLC I've bought in a while by far. I'd like to see them do a stand alone version and have more maps and more characters and more options I'd buy that for sure.

Rayman Legends: I think this is the best platformer by far. It's packed with content and I have a blast playing the music levels and daily challenges.

Least played games

Trials Fusion: Welcome to the future and then after a week it stopped. I haven't touched this game since launch week which is sad cause I really liked the game. But I bought a season pass and none of the 5 dlc packs have came out. Granted it is only July but the pass said till next April or May so it sits on my shelf waiting for the first pack.

Forza 5: This I'm surprised that I've not played a lot of the game is gorgeous but I just can't seem to get into it this time around.

Titanfall: I really didn't want to put this here cause I did play it a lot I got to about level 36 then it got boring quick. It became not as fun as it first once was I even purchased dlc but never played it maybe I'll pop it in one day soon.

User Info: LooksLikeRain

3 years ago#2
Most addicting
Trials Fusion: I've gotten gold on everything a couple weeks after it launched. I still play it every day trying to get platinum on everything. I absolutely love the Trials franchise.

Rayman Legends: I got this game a couple days ago, and I cannot put it down. There's so much to unlock and it doesn't feel like grinding as I initially thought it would.

Least Played
Titanfall: I got this game day one and played for about a week. I've barely touched it since. I only play if my friends are playing. It's just not that fun to me.

Strider: I played about 2-3 hours of this game. Honestly, I full on hated it.
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User Info: phoenix9291

3 years ago#3
I honestly don't know what to say as far as most addicting. The closest to that would probably be Titanfall as I played that a ton for the first week, getting to gen 3 within a couple days, but I only play it a little here and there since then.

Least played would be Thief. What a huge disappointment that ended up being, got rid of that within the first month to help pay for my first real gaming headset.

To be honest, I originally purchased the Xbox One day one with the expectation that the Destiny beta would be coming out a couple months later, with the actual game being released by now, and knowing that Destiny would be my most addicting game.
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User Info: vashkey

3 years ago#4
I haven't found any of the games on the xbone addicting. Titanfall and Garden Warfare are the closest to it

My least played game would probably be Killer Instinct. I suck at fighting games, but the free version is practically a demo. If you don't want to count that then Spartan Assault. Already played and beat it on PC. It's mediocre, so yeah

User Info: darkshadowmaster

3 years ago#5
I really like PvZ:GW but can only play it in spurts.
That game truly shows you how many gamers came with the CoD based mentality and don't really work well in team/class based games.

Drives me crazy with the amount of people that don't give you a chance to res them/res others/realize what the other classes are actually designed for (IE only run & gun with sunflower while team members around them need hp)
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User Info: holden4ever

3 years ago#6
Most: Titanfall

Least: Battlefield 4

I only got my XB1 2 weeks ago so I haven't had much chance to try out the available games. I traded out Fifa 14 for Battlefield 4 in the bundle I got as that and Forza 5 were the games I wanted and Titanfall was just something that I would get around to eventually. Now I find myself playing Titanfall over Forza 5 and Battlefield 4.

User Info: pnut3844

3 years ago#7
Most played dead rising 3. Can't wait to get the dlc. Least played, the atrocity that is killer instinct.

User Info: IcedXplozive

3 years ago#8
Most played forza 5 and titanfall. I think ive clocked around 100 hours combined for thpse games.

Least played thief and dr3

User Info: Reece504

3 years ago#9
pnut3844 posted...
Most played dead rising 3. Can't wait to get the dlc. Least played, the atrocity that is killer instinct.

Hey watch your mouth!!!!! That's like ultimate sin right there lol

Ki is a great fighting game

:( u hurt my heart.....y u no realize it
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User Info: TheGam3925

3 years ago#10
Most played - Fighter Within
Least played - Titanfall
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