Xbox One vs. PS4 Resolution: MS Challenges You To Spot The Differences ...

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User Info: _Doomguy_

3 years ago#61
mjc0961 posted...
scoobydoobydont posted...
And screen can't see that either, right?

Most people can't until it's pointed out to them.

Bulls***. Screen tearing is blatantly obvious to anyone with working eyeballs.

Apparently Sniper Elite 3 has a lot of screen tearing but i haven't noticed it at all.
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User Info: TehPwnzerer

3 years ago#62
I can't believe this. So they're not only admitting there's a difference in quality but still retaining the same condescending attitude while doing it? Their arrogance knows no bounds.

User Info: BloodyDove2vs

3 years ago#63
MS Challenges You To Spot The Differences ..since it's harder than expect to be achieved on the X1. Thanks a lot bottleneck.
"the sourness of 720/900p resolutions" XB1M13 < shazbot

User Info: jairusmonillas

3 years ago#64
It amuses me some gamers have no experience playing around screen resolution on their PCs.
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User Info: Utinil

3 years ago#65
First of all, I can notice a difference on a 42" screen.

Second I can't get over this line:

he did acknowledge that the widely held belief that Sony's PlayStation 4 is a more powerful console

Widely held belief that the PS4 is more powerful? How about it is a fact that the PS4 is more powerful. Seriously focus on the exclusives microsoft, there you have a good chance at winning, denying the power gap is just foolish.

User Info: jrr18

3 years ago#66
if you graphics are really the deciding factor for you why in zuses name did you buy a console?
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User Info: BilliePilgrim

3 years ago#67
LEGEND_725 posted...
Death_Born posted...
I have a 32" screen and I can easily see the blurriness in anything below 1080p. I think this guy needs some glasses.

Man how did we game on last gen for years on "blurry" 720p

Hey, plebs gonna pleb.
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User Info: slowdog76

3 years ago#68
i too played through sniper 3 and definitely saw screen tearing. im not aware i did, but by all accounts, they were there and i will have seen them. heck, i've seen tens of thousands over the years, and not once have i either a: noticed, or b: noticed and had the experience so indelibly imprinted onto my memory of whatever game it was in. this leads my to one conclusion, that if you dont spend your time looking for them and / or giving a crap, then they tend not to "get in the way" of you playing and enjoying the game.

as far as (yawn) resolution goes, im impressed by how many tens of thousands of people seem to own both consoles. less impressed that they choose to buy each game twice, one per console, and sit playing them side by side.

yes i'm being sarcastic. i have never, ever (even when i was in a position to do so if i so wanted) felt the need to actively sit and test the difference between resolutions. so when people ask if i can tell the difference, i tell the truth. i dont know. i dont know because i havent wasted my time to test it a million ways to sunday. maybe i can. maybe i cant. i just. dont. care. and whilst my empathy chip is well and truly working at all times, i just do not understand the mentality of those that do
I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.
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