"It's better being an Xbox Onesie than a Sony Pony"

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User Info: aj4x94

3 years ago#81
What a story Mark
Playing: Half Life 2, Dark Souls 2, Vampire The Masquerade, System Shock 2, Borderlands 2, Mass Effect 2
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(message deleted)

User Info: Satchmo25

3 years ago#83
Payne318 posted...
Satchmo25 posted...
jrocx39 posted...
The second "pony", "drone", or "bot" gets uttered in a topic it should be deleted.

Too bad the mods are too stupid to delete them.

At this point can you blame them for not even bothering looking lol.

Although deleted and accepted, it lives on. YES!
GameFAQS... a forum where the mods fall asleep for days at a time and when they do their job, they do it badly.

User Info: Exodus_Prime

3 years ago#84
TC is the "Loki" of the Xbone boards.

"Trolls are the dudebros of Gamefaqs. They just don't realize it." - curtland
Xbox One-PlayStation 4-Xbox 360-PS3-Vita

User Info: singhellotaku

3 years ago#85
Humanity as a whole gets dumber every time you write sonypony nintendrone or xbot...and weeaboo...I mean, honestly people.

User Info: blacklabelice

3 years ago#86
i like xbots better

it actually makes sense. a bunch of mindless robots incapable of putting their own thoughts together and simply just repeat instructions programmed into them

not like sony pony. oh sony rhymes with pony!. thats where it starts. thats where it ends. them xbox fanboys must have spent a whole 2 seconds coming up with something that witty. it sounds more cute than anything.

smh. all these fanboy topics lately trying to start your juvenile console wars. maybe one day you people will learn that being a fanboy is one of the dumbest things ever and going out of your way to nuthug and defend a piece of plastic made by a company who doesnt really care that much about you, but just wants your money, is really quite the waste of time.

for that matter, i have both systems and plenty of other consoles. i think ill go play a game now on the system that i want. im not about to let a brand name or some mindless fanboys hatred over a console he's never even played on get in the way and stop me from enjoying what i want to do.

User Info: Shadowfxd2

3 years ago#87
singhellotaku posted...

this covers it, it's not "better" to be a fanatic of any brand. just be a gamer and if you like one more than the others, just enjoy it, instead of trying to reassure yourself by forcing your opinion on others on any of these boards. It's getting sad. Just like what you like, let others like what they like. Competition is good, but being a fan troll is horrible.

User Info: Sevi_ney

3 years ago#88
Good thread.

This'll show them Pony's!

User Info: Startech_Viper

3 years ago#89
jrocx39 posted...
sevihaimerej posted...
Startech_Viper posted...
I like them all, what does that make me?

A poney boner drone

Pony XDroner

Hmmm... Yes sir, I do like it!
Bakin dem kookayz... o_O

User Info: Spetsnaz420

3 years ago#90
I can't believe I haven't seen this one yet
A sight for sore eyes to the blind would be awful majestic
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