It's funny ps4 owners hyping Destiny cuz what else do they have.

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  3. It's funny ps4 owners hyping Destiny cuz what else do they have.

User Info: swaggernaut

3 years ago#81
Slim pickings for both but yep the Xbox One has more to offer in 2014. They better deliver in 2015!

User Info: mokmuud

3 years ago#82
InterzoneMantra posted...
It's funny ps4 owners hyping Destiny cuz what else do they have.

Maybe the ppl who are also hyping it up are the 360 fans who switched to ps4 this gen.

That's a good possibility.
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User Info: mokmuud

3 years ago#83
swaggernaut posted...
Slim pickings for both but yep the Xbox One has more to offer in 2014. They better deliver in 2015!
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User Info: recollectmusic

3 years ago#84
What does either console have? Not much considering both were just released. I'm just sitting here playing games on my Wii U, because it actually has some. :P
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User Info: Xerosnake90

3 years ago#85
Cosmic_Diabetic posted...
youngskillz posted...
ps4 is dead in japan an destiny is all ps4 owners have to play, even next year.

and the year after that. and the one after that. in fact i heard a rumor that every time someone plays the PS4 a litter of cute puppies is drowned.

What he wrote is funny considering how xbox1 is absolutely hated in Japan. Ps4 might be selling slowly but at least it is.

User Info: Critcal50

3 years ago#86
You know, everytime I look at topics on this board, or topics posted at the bottom of the home page, I see posts by people trying to make their little overpriced, unpowerful console seem better. Killzone: Shadowfall, Bloodborne (Game that convinced me to actually buy a PS4.), Infamous Second Son are exclusives we have. And they're some of Sony's biggest hits. What do you guys get? Dead Rising 3, simple boring button mashing combat? Ryse, a game of button sequences? Forza, just another beautiful looking racing game? Dont even say Titanfall, because that game isnt even an exclusive. Oh but you guys get CoD DLC faster than us! A game that has repeatedly **** on itself and just keeps digging a deeper hole for themselves with every release. PS4 was built to focus on gaming. While Xbox One focuses on home entertainment. Who cares if you can watch TV during the 30 seconds its taking you to find a match. Who cares if you can watch TV while playing a game? You get a tiny little barely visible screen that distorts your game screen, woohoo. Voice commands arent that big of a deal either. Xbox on? All we have to do with a PS4 is press the PS button. Stop trying to make your console seem more superior, so you can feel better about yourself, and just enjoy what you have. Geez.

User Info: dyme1337

3 years ago#87
They both have great exclusives. Which is why I own both so I won't miss out on any of them.

User Info: supermegablox

3 years ago#88
zinsindetta posted...
HeiiHachii posted...
MicrosoftLover posted...
These Sony guys really are sad. We're getting Destiny too, and SUNSET OVERDRIVE, BABY! All the while they have to sit and wait for Bloodborn, and Kingdom Under Fire 2.

Sunset Overdrive, bay-bee!!!!

This is what sony has:

1. without memory

2. an unnanounced game being worked by fun bits for ps4

3. JRPG ps4 exclusive (if your into japanese jrpg)

4. another unannounced ps4 exclusive

5. Guerilla Games making a new game for ps4, an Open world rpg.

6. Sony Santa Monica brewing a new game

and the ones that we already know thats on the way

1. the order 1886
2. drive club
3. shadow of the beast
4. Natural Doctrine
6. Boodbourne
7. dead nation apocalypse edition
8. earth defense force
9. everybody's gone to the rapture
10. Hyperdimension Neptunia VII
11. Uncharted theifs end
12. Daylight
13. secret ponchos
14. Guilty Gear Xrd
15. H-hour
16. Helldivers
17. Last of us remastered
18. Little Big planet 3
19. mobile suit gundam
20. omega quintet
21. Primal carnage
22. Bombshell
23. Dreadnaught
24. FF a realm reborn
25. Guns of icarus
26. project pheonix
27. Ryu ga Gotoku Ishin!
28. Soma
29. Deep down
30 Let it die
31. Planet side 2
32. H1Z1
33. everquest next
34. Kingdom under fire 2
35. Load Out
36. Onigiri
37. Mafia 3

What a reach. Those games... lol. I mean one of them is a game I am interested in. Number 4 which is not going to light people on fire. But the rest of those games, epic reach with that crap.

lol, let me point out every quality game exclusive in bold
I am going to make myself insane, then!"-me
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User Info: TaijutsuJoshua

3 years ago#89
kcypher2000 posted...
Truth hurts but lets point out the irony:

Last two gens ponies said Bungie sucked and that xbox was just for shooters and they would
Never pay to play online.

With Destiny the ponies get 3 180s in one game.

You say that like all of the Sony fanbase, or even a majority of it collectively has this opinion.

I don't like shooters, I don't care for Bungie, and paying for online isn't an issue for me, though I prefer not to.

So what's this 180 thing you're claiming when you point it in my perspective. I sure as hell ain't getting Destiny.
I love the Final Fantasy games.
I despise the fanbase. -___-

User Info: JudgementEden

3 years ago#90
BlackFeathers posted...
thegamer00 posted...
I find this kinda funny how defensive PS owners get about destiny. Sometimes i think they forget xbox owners get the same game and true exclusives like sunset overdrive and quantum break.

Uncharted 4 and BLOODBORNE are more important than any exclusives you Xbots can ever name. Especially BloodBorne! Souls games are life!!!

While I am very much looking forward to what Bloodborne has to offer, I don't give the slightest about Uncharted 4. I would sooner anticipate having a bowel movement before I ever got hyped for that stupid series. It's been done to death and it is insipid. Hopefully Naughty Dog gets Uncharted out of their system with this last game.

I am Sony biased; but at the end of the day, I love games, not consoles. I own a PS4, but don't own an Xbox One. Though, i'm sure I will someday.

I'm not part of the salty ones. I congratulate the One owners for making the choice that they did. Besides Bloodborne, I anticipate nothing from Sony. They need to get their crap together.
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