People always say that the XBONE has more games than the PS4...

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User Info: B1GB0SS_86

3 years ago#101
K_J_2021 posted...
CraiCrushna posted...
RuinerEraser posted...
I won't but my sig can.

titan fail, Killer instinct still has what 2 characters. Have fun with that crappy fighter. A racing game? How old are you?

Who are the two characters thats on killer instinct?

He just hating blindly. Sony fanboy hate at its finest. Killer instinct may have 8 fighters but that game is more deep and fun then any fighter that has come out since mk9. And i bet if titanfall were on ps4 he would love it. Oh and at least we have a racing game and another coming soon so stop hating.

User Info: nableet

3 years ago#102
triple s posted...
nableet posted...
triple s posted...
nableet posted...
kcypher2000 posted...
Troll asks for games and when people list games he tries to downplay them. Pathetic reassurance at its finest.

Of courae a pony like Xeeh would be here.

Kind of like when you xbox fanboys say "PS4 haz noh gaemes!!" and then when you are reminded of the indisputable fact that the PS4 has more games than the xbone you try and downplay them with "lolz indies, lolz knack, lolz I touch myself whilst looking at pictures of Bill Gates"

Sounds like you're a little salty about how people talk about your PS4...even though you're on the Xbox One board. This might strike you as odd, but there will probably be Xbox One fanboys on the Xbox One board. You can't expect everyone to praise the almighty PS4 on the Xbox One board, can you?

Sounds like you are a bit salty about how I talk about xbox fanboys, a little close to the mark eh? ;-)

Me, I'm not "salty" about anything and don't currently own a PS4... So what does assuming do? Well in this case it just makes an ass out of you.

I lie, breath and die for Xbox. That's why I stay on the Xbox One board. I can't lie though, you absolutely murdered me on that "ass out of you" comeback. I almost choked on my Halo Mountain Dew when I seen that but realized I won't like a Sony Pony like you bring me down with such innovative, original and awe inspiring comebacks such as that one.

Speaking of innovative and original, Sony Pony? Really?

My 56k gamerscore to level 7 trophy score says different, but I guess any one that points out facts and doesn't lick the balls of MS is a "Sony Pony".

Are you kcrypher in disguise?
GT: Tyfighta23. PSN: Tee_Doff

User Info: FinzFan4life

3 years ago#103
dnmt posted...
Foxx3k posted...
SupaflyGibson posted...
BlackFeathers posted...
Can you name 3-5 games that YOU like to play that are not out on PS4.

KI, Titanfall, Guacamelee. What are you expecting with this topic?

(Guacamelee is on PS4)

(and PS3, and 360, and PC. And TF is on 360 and PC, too)

Learn to read it doesn't matter that it's on PC or 360 (talking TF) since it can't be played on ps4 which is what he said
Not Changing until Miami Dolphins Win a Super Bowl signed 02-09-2012

User Info: plus1zero

3 years ago#104

RYSE, Titanfall, Dead Rising 3, Forza 5, Sixty Second Shooter, Super Time Force, Max Curse of Brotherhood, Killer Instinct

Oh wait you said 5
How do you know someone games on a PC? Don't worry, they'll tell you.

User Info: youngskillz

3 years ago#105
theres raiden an that other shmp, i guess halo 5.

i'd try the new gears if it looks good.
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User Info: LooksLikeRain

3 years ago#106
ITT: Butthurt and dnmt's inability to read.

Hatred outlives the hateful.
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