Crytek are in big financial troubles, no paid salaries!! MS or Sony must step in

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  3. Crytek are in big financial troubles, no paid salaries!! MS or Sony must step in

User Info: sonicteam2k1

3 years ago#11
MasteroftheArts posted...
Foxx3k posted...
the_real_one posted...

The subject is sad for such talented studio, I was thinking to take this subject to another direction but this is sad...specially when you hear about people leaving because they didn't get their salaries for long time.

I blame their rush on Crysis 3 and maybe Ryse on this.
Either they had multiple projects failed to meet the break even or they expanded massively without proper plan!

Talented? They keep making pretty games that play terribly and run worse.

I have empathy for the people, but the products are bottom tier.

No, they make pretty games that play wonderfully and run terribly.

CryEngine is doomed to failure because it sucks at the one thing that determines whether an engine is adopted by developers; its flexibility and optimization. In this regard, CryTek's engine is absolutely dreadful. Crysis 3 is an excellent example of how terrible the CryEngine can be optimized. Possibly the only other engine that can compare to its terrible optimization is Metro's 4A Engine which crawls even with the best graphics cards, and despises AMD.

Meanwhile, the Unreal Engine is picked up by games like Tribes: Ascend, Kinect Adventures, Dungeon Defenders, DC Universe Online, and Unreal Tournament 3; 5 games that are completely different in gameplay and graphical style and quality.

you forgot mortal kombat and mirror's edge and guilty gear Xrd
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User Info: spacejamjordanz

3 years ago#12
Crystyn_7B posted...
Ryse was commissioned by MS...

I guess publishers are waiting for them to be liquidated to get their IPs for cheap.

That scenario seems most likely. Microsoft could buy Ryse for cheap then and take it to another developer.
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User Info: BushidoEffect3

3 years ago#13
homefront is gonna get canned?,

User Info: Exodus_Prime

3 years ago#14
Why does it have to be Microsoft or Sony? why can't it be another studio like Deep Silver, or Rockstar, or Activision to merge with these guys or flat out own them.

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User Info: Kipbondur

3 years ago#15
leathelj posted...
I honestly think they should swallow there pride and reaccept the deal with Microsoft and ryse 2 so they can get paid!

I don't think Microsoft would do the same deal at this point. The blood is in the water and if MS wants the Ryse IP, I doubt they'll have too much competition in a bidding war.
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  3. Crytek are in big financial troubles, no paid salaries!! MS or Sony must step in

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