Xbox won't turn on via Voice.

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User Info: Tha_Blocc

3 years ago#1
Just bought a Xbox one a week ago. I haven't been able to figure out how to turn the xbox on while saying "Xbox on". I went in my settings and have all the boxes checked but thinking maybe one of my settings are wrong?
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User Info: SigmaLongshot

3 years ago#2
Did you calibrate the Kinect? It's important to do that with the volume of the TV ABOVE normal levels so it can test for interfering audio.
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User Info: Hudson_RL

3 years ago#3
After a system update you have to do a manual hard reboot to get it to work. It's a little bug that'll be fixed. One hard reboot after the update and it'll be sorted.
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User Info: Sith Jedi

Sith Jedi
3 years ago#4
Whisper it, seriously.

User Info: dejavu1982

3 years ago#5
Was wondering same thing, I turn it off perfectly and I use every other. Pics command perfectly but xbox on, takes like 15 tries to finally work. And yes everything is calibrated fine.

User Info: bLiNdSnIpErZ20

3 years ago#6
Is your Xbox on "instant on" or "energy saving" mode?
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User Info: Stabs2503

3 years ago#7
Ya after an update it hasn't worked since and everything is setup and calibrated properly. I've had my XB1 since Feb and it was working fine before
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User Info: Tha_Blocc

3 years ago#8
bLiNdSnIpErZ20 posted...
Is your Xbox on "instant on" or "energy saving" mode?

I have instant on box checked. Voice controls seem to work pretty well when the Xbox is on but once I turn it off and say "xbox on" nothing happens.
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User Info: SteelTooth

3 years ago#9
Recalibrate the Kinect, but turn the tv volume way the hell up so it'll be more sensitive to commands.
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User Info: Darkshadow6400

3 years ago#10
Doesn't work I outside the US. Dunno if that's your problem or not. You can go into settings and change the kinect mode to US, but then it might not recognise your accent
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