Xbox One is not for kids

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User Info: Erevile

3 years ago#31
pnut3844 posted...
SMOG-097 posted...
My point kind of was .. how is an 8 year old supposed to figure this out? If I wasn't there and his mom was home, they would have never figured it out. He just wanted to plug in soccer and play.

I suppose you could call it the Wii U, but I think there is still a place for gaming systems that are just that. Plug in and play for kids. No updates, no sign ins, just put the game in and press "GO".

Well first off, let me say, and I'm not trying to tell you how to raise kids, but when my 5 year old daughter plays my 360 or xbone, I get the game set up for her everytime. So if there is something she can't figure out, I handle it. Even if she's playing say, ac3 and gets surrounded by enemies, she comes to me and daddy helps her out. We can't expect our young ones to know how to do these things. And if we stick them in front of a game and say here, have at it, then we either don't care enough to help them out, or just want to stick them in front of the tv to get rid of them. Either way, that's horrible parenting. If you truly want your child to be a gamer, you have to HELP them be a gamer. No one had to help me, but back in my day games were as simple as popping in the nes cartridge and going to town. Think of it as father/child bonding time. I take my time and explain to my daughter what I'm doing and why I'm doing. They won't learn otherwise. If you truly want a system that requires little to no supervision, get them a Wii, wii u or 3ds. I bought my daughter a 2ds, and even though she can work the system inside and out, I still sit with her and give her gaming advice. To me, being a gamer my entire life, nothing gives me the same feeling as sitting with my daughter and passing on my knowledge to her, or even just seeing the look of excitement on her face when she learns a new shortcut in mario cart 7. Or when she successfully takes down a squad Templars in AC. The things you mentioned as a burden are the little things I enjoy sharing with my daughter. Just take 15 minutes and observe your child playing games, the wonderment in their faces and eyes. That's what it's all about. That's why we enjoyed it.

Really? I give my kid a chance to figure things out. If she asks for help, I'll talk her through the problem. Usually by asking questions so she can reach a conclusion herself.
Maybe I'm weird, wanting a self sufficient person to grow. A problem solver that knows what questions to ask; knowing when to ask for help. Hint: it's not right off the bat.
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