Think of a videogame before entering the topic.

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User Info: teeebz

3 years ago#211
Gears of war, where the locust are the good guys instead.

Hell, I'd play that game. I'd love to see the locusts point of view.
GT- MR WhiteEe
PSN- Teebz83

User Info: M_White

3 years ago#212
The Walking Dead

A: With Zombies

Well gee, that changed a lot.

User Info: FlyHawaiian

3 years ago#213
Knights of the Old Republic: Return of the breakfast simulator.

Lightsaber-sliced bacon, I'm in.

User Info: TheUltimateM4

3 years ago#214
Ultimate Stuntman, an unlicensed game for the NES.

O: Hero and villain switch roles.

Those we call "campers" in Call of Duty, we call "hackers" in Battlefield 4.

User Info: Chargrilled

3 years ago#215
Skyrim with ham heads.

GT : DeadJericho/PSN : Focalpoint/WiiU : FocalpointUK
Correct terminology is 'Could NOT care less'. Learn English!

User Info: dalarion85

3 years ago#216
X-Com: Enemy Unknown now with anti-gravity.

User Info: stillwasted

3 years ago#217
Pokemon with decapitations
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User Info: BrokenChaos666

3 years ago#218
Ocarina of space!!!

I'd try it. :D

User Info: SpaceAssassin

3 years ago#219


Christmas Theme
~~Official Gummi Ship of every KH board~~

User Info: bluegender4ever

3 years ago#220
GTA5 with a Christmas theme.


Trevor would make a REALLY messed up Santa Claus.
10,000 Days in the fire is long're going home... stop him!
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