What's Your Tenure With Xbox LIVE and How Much Gamerscore Do You Have?

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User Info: lninjasonicl

3 years ago#41
5 or 6 years I can't remember, I haven't had my Xbox on in a couple months.

70,000+ gamerscore.
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3 years ago#42
10 years, close to 100,000
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User Info: DarthUchiha91

3 years ago#43
Only 5 years as a xbox live owner( I didn't understand routers and internet connections beforehand and just game offline) and I only have a little over 12,000 points. I don't care for achievements much.
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User Info: mike468

3 years ago#44
Ten years, 43,756. There are very few games I've actually gotten 100% on or have been compelled to do a second run through on the hardest difficulty.
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User Info: vashkey

3 years ago#45
It says six years on my profiles, but really it's seven. It's just when my subscription runs out I usually use up what trials I have before resubscribing just to save a little money.

Presently my gamerscore is 101,260

User Info: Masterchief5525

3 years ago#46
8 Years almost 170k it would be higher if I didn't switch games every 2 seconds.
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User Info: Rdeal2

3 years ago#47
8 years 151,000

User Info: brownmyster

3 years ago#48
KID VID posted...
Laylow12 posted...
11 years and it'll expire August 1st. Good riddance.


Does that mean you'll soon stop coming to this board? Gawd, I hope so!

No cause he is the biggest troll here and he knows it
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User Info: 1337pwnge

3 years ago#49
6 years 112,000
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User Info: crynryan

3 years ago#50
Almost 6 years, with 233,325.
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