Minecraft on XB1, who here is buying it next month?

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User Info: pnut3844

3 years ago#21
devnull520 posted...
pnut3844 posted...
devnull520 posted...
pnut3844 posted...
I've never been able to get into MC. it's honestly just virtual legos. My brother plays the hell out of it and I've watched him and even tinkered with it and there's just no point to the game. You dig, build, repeat. Now, if you could have some kind of MP deathmatch on maps, that would change everything. I love halo forge mode. But there is no point to MC other than to build stuff. I have all my old legos if I want to do that.

to each their own, I respect your "ideal good game" but honestly, not everything need MP deadmatch to be fun. This is sad.

Not saying everything needs MP deathmatch. In fact, I prefer a good SP game to any MP game any day of the week. Skyrim? Fallout? AC series? Hell, the only reason I own the cods I do is for their amazing campaigns. The MP is a noob campfest. But as boring as MC is, there should be something much more rewarding after hours of work other than telling your friends, "hey look what I built, the end."

I own minecraft, and will get the Xbox One version next month, what about if instead of "hey look what I built" you go and build something together, is fun for a while, I am not a minecraft hardcore fan, but I can spend an afternoon with a couple of friends wasting our time there.

Don't get me wrong, I tinkered with it and it is fun to build something, but it gets stale. Its like rob zombie,I can only do it in spurts. That's why I said it needs some kind of incentive reward program like MP deathmatch so when you're done, you get more of a sense of accomplishment other than to just show it to people. I'd totally buy it then. It's just anticlimactic imo. But to each their own.

User Info: tubb311

3 years ago#22
Day one purchase
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User Info: nickr2d2

3 years ago#23
I'd really like mod support... Tekkit would be awesome!
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User Info: Bassna

3 years ago#24
I want to get it, but even for $5, I would rather play it on PC :(. I may get it since it is only $5 though.
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User Info: NinjaGaidenman

3 years ago#25
I'm defently going to buy it for $5 on the X1 it's worth it minecraft is asome
Play games and have fun dont take gaming so seriously!!

User Info: oldhbk76

3 years ago#26
yes, wish it was out already
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User Info: Crystyn_7B

3 years ago#27
holden4ever posted...
I'll probably get it but I really wish they would allow mods. I haven't played vanilla Minecraft in years and playing without the Technics mods would be boring. Having stuff like quarries and transport pipes makes mining so much easier and Traincraft/Railcraft lets you automate the whole mining/collection process.

I have this game on pc and I think it would be just as popular as Minecraft. It's basically Minecraft Lego Technics in space.


Yeah vanilla Minecraft is rather bare-bones.

User Info: Rome218

3 years ago#28
It's 5 if I own it on 360? Then yeah, even if I found it boring, and my friends all did the work while I looked for a pet dog.

I like Terrieria(sp?) better. I get bored from building, so I delocate it to people. I have OP gear and can just mind through the grid like crazy and kill everything, it feels like an old school side scroller.

User Info: Jptremblay13

3 years ago#29
Will it have an ingame server browser??
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