Does anyone else mainly buy Digital Copys?

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User Info: axelfooley2k5

3 years ago#51
No because for the same price i can have a disc

And maybe harddrive/ xbox server problems in 20 years or whenever

User Info: DepreceV2

3 years ago#52
axelfooley2k5 posted...
No because for the same price i can have a disc

And maybe harddrive/ xbox server problems in 20 years or whenever

True but disk are also quite fragile and can stop working after the wrong type of scratch or a mistake of dropping it
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User Info: tubb311

3 years ago#53
i bought 2 physical copies of games when i bought my X1 and haven't bought a game on disc since. all digital.
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User Info: regsantotomas

3 years ago#54
boolzero posted...

Okay, here's my problem:
1. You assume everyone has the same buying reasons and methodology as you. I don't need to buy for the same reasons you do, nor am I "not smart" for not following your example of purchasing decisions. I've been buying my own games with my own money since I was ten. Not everyone lives by the "buy, trade in, buy used" mentality. I prefer to own my games and own them permanently. I prefer digital, though I still like physical too, it's not so much a necessity for me since I've been digital with all my other mediums for several years now with no issues. If we are to go down that route of placing purchasing justification on games, then we are all being irresponsible with our money since games aren't a necessity, they are a luxury item, and as such a wasteful use of expenses, period! You don't get to say "you are being more wasteful with your wasteful spending then I am!"...

I don't sell my games, ever. I never have, I never will. I have old Atari 2600 cartridges and a system that still works, barring some frazzled looking controllers, so that you get my point. Not every gamer engages in the resale market and there is a significant portion of us who just don't, period. It's entertainment to me, not an investment. I don't buy a movie or a book and wonder how much I can sell it for after I've used it a few dozen times, so for me, the same logic applies to games.

2. I'm almost forty. I don't lend games to friends, I'm sorry, that boat sailed long ago when I was a young teen and I haven't lent a game to anyone since I've been able to buy my own games. The last few times I have in my early twenties, I've gotten my games back in conditions that make me want to punch kittens! People don't take care of my stuff the way I take care of my stuff and I hate getting games back with a cracked case, jacked up cover, crumpled manual, scratched up disc and the like because someone doesn't hold the same kind of care standards to their games as I do. Again, I keep my games for life, so I keep my things looking good!

3. You are paying MSRP for digital games because corporate chain stores would throw a fit if these companies tried to undercut them on digital sales, and these companies can't afford to risk these retailers threatening to not stock their games on store shelves because it is still the main way people buy their games for now. When console gamers can actually stop being ten years behind every other medium and actually embrace digital is when we can start seeing lower prices on digital goods like we do on Apple, Android, Steam and the like. So, blame gamers and stores for the pricing. Also, digital games don't cost less to make, I don't know where you get that idea... Cases and manuals are cents to the dollar, and the shelf storage is substituted for server storage (just because it is on the internet doesn't make it free to stay there, even though some people seem to think the internet is some magical place where if things are on it it doesn't cost anything).

4. Don't insult people for their buying habits just because they don't share your habits... It is neither mature or conducive to having a proper discussion. PC gamers have been digital for the past ten years. 80% of PC games according to statistics in 2013, are bought digitally. The same statistic applies to music. Digital movie and TV purchasing is also on the rise. The truth here is that console gamers are behind the curve when it comes to this stuff, period. Besides, it's nice to have a physical copy if you wish to sell it, but it serves the gamer who likes to maintain and play their games no good. Discs rot, discs break, but I can back up games to several places AND still have them available to digitally redownload.

Great post
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User Info: PrinceMedion

3 years ago#55
boolzero posted...
PrinceMedion posted...

Also stuff...

Okay lets see here...

1) Great I'm glad you are so well off that you don't have to worry about how you are going to purchase as your next game. I'm glad digital works out for you, that said many gamers are not in your situation either and the only way they can get any of the games they want is to sell the ones they have which makes it all the more insane when all the releases stack up towards the holidays and many of these companies like to put out yearly releases now. A large majority of gamers do sell their games back to places like Gamestop there is a reason the company is so freaking huge its because they provide an easy service and a good way to be able to acquire new games via trade ins and preorders, the push that all of these companies have towards digital will end up killing them in the end as in an all digital future with releases like they currently are on consoles (IE almost every major release in Oct/Nov) a majority of people will simply not be able to afford what these companies expect people to spend. As you said its a Luxury but its an easy luxury to manage because of physical merchandise and the many Gamestop/BB/Amazon/ect out there.

2) Again great for you, I also don't tend to lend people my games for those exact same reasons but unlike you and I a significant majority of people do share their games with family, friends, ect. Digital takes away that as an option which is why I am so opposed to it.

3) That's not true at all, Vita games are 10% less digitally and PSN reguarlly has digital sales that are rivaling steam at this point (I picked up 5 games for 5$ last weekend, would have been 50$ normally). If this had been in any way true then Gamestop would have flat out come out saying they would refuse to stock the Xbox One when it was first announced last year, they certainly didn't and had no problems taking preorders for the system despite the BS it had at that time (it was a week or so later they reversed everything). You say these company's are so afraid of Gamestop and the like but if they were really so afraid why would they embrace digital anyway? If gamestop not carrying a game would be such a threat then why even make a push towards digital like they are?

No the real reason is simple greed and because you and many other gamers in this topic that are going digital are buying them. It will not change as long as they can see that people are clearly spending the money on those products at those prices, lets not pretend like any of these companies are our friends if physical copies went away I'd bet games would get higher in price for as long as they could get away with it.

Yes digital games cost less to make, its not just cases and manuals (which we've seen time and again this last generation many of the companies are also skimming on now more then ever to save those 'pennies' you referred to), you also have to take into account production of the disk and everything else, the distribution, the shipments, tracking what games go to what stores, the retailers cut, ect. Games are sold at 60$ but retailers pay around 48$ to 55$ for the games, if you just take the retailer out of the deal the price should drop anyway but the you also have to think about everything else that goes into it that they aren't paying. Server costs are completely negligent compared to the costs they face on physical which is why they push so hard on digital now. To save themselves money. Digital games should be cheaper then physical either way you look at it.

4) PC games have been forced to digital due to piracy, steam (and its sales) exist to counter piracy. Without it PC sales wouldn't be what they are, theres a reason many PC games are F2P.

User Info: InfinityOver0

3 years ago#56
and you'll be on the first to cry when x1 starts having rrod. just wait
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User Info: Mr_Killstreak

3 years ago#57
I used to be a straight physical copy kinda guy until one day I started thinking about if for some reason I lost all my games due to robbery, fire, etc. Yes, insurance covers things but then I have to go looking for all this stuff again but if I have digital copies then it's as simple as redownloading them.

I have amassed a huge digital library on both the 360 and PS3 and will probably do the same this gen also. I still buy physicals of some games, especially hard to find games but for the most part it'll probably be digital.

Hell, I'm about to download PVZ right now on the One because it's super cheap this week.

User Info: MistaAtlas

3 years ago#58
all my games digital
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User Info: boolzero

3 years ago#59
PrinceMedion posted...
More stuff... Not being rude, just that character limit won't let me repost with all that quoted just like previous...

1. In your original post you never implied that gamers buy for different reasons. You asserted that they buy and should buy for solely the reasons you buy. My point was to correct you on that. I was never saying my point of view was the only one, nor claiming yours was wrong, merely that you were asserting your wasn't being encompassing by offering the contrast. No offense, but this rebuttal was unnecessary.

2. Family sharing. I have it on Steam and use it all the time with my son, who is a 50/50 PC/console gamer and with my friend I met in the military. MS had plans for the same idea before people got scared because "digital rights management, pitchforks now". So respectfully, I'll have to disagree with you that you can't share your digital games... Works fine on Apple as I share my apps with my wife and our movies with our friends over via Apple TV...

3. And you see the same sales on the PS3 and Xbox 360 marketplace. You will not see those types of sales on a new system because you don't have the catalogue or the market consumer base to support those sales. The reason you can have those sales on PSN store, 360 Marketplace, Steam and the like is because you have a large customer base. You are not going to see huge discounts for either current gen console titles for a few years in any consistency because you don't have the customer base installed yet. You can call it greed, but I call it business. When you sell at a loss, their a strategy, you don't just do it to appease a fan base. That's how to lose a business. You have salaries to pay, you've got expansion to think about, so the knee jerk response of "oh, it's greedy" seems ignorant of how the operations of a business have to work. These companies aren't here to give you hugs, give you what you want because you asked nicely and give you deals just because you are loyal; but if they do these things it's because it's to motivate you to spend more. Period.

4. You partly understand the brick and mortar side it seems, but you (at least in your post) don't seem to know how things operate with digital distribution. I do, first hand even. The short of it is that while somewhat cheaper there are still various costs that come with digital distribution that don't come with physical, but even with cost efficiency you'd be a fool to think any company is going to forward the difference in savings toward the customer. That's just an entitled stance no matter how you swing it. Why should they forward that savings to you? What did you do to deserve that? Mind you, I'm not trying to be snide here, but merely adding some levity to your thought process. No disrespect meant!

PC games also have gone free to play because people got tired of paying monthly fees for MMO's of which the maxed out and have experienced all the content inside of a couple of weeks to months. Free to play was also a psychological marketing strategy, because it allows developers much more restrictive control over your access to content within the game under the provision that you pay to access it. Want to see that new area? Pay for it! Want that new mount? Pay for it! It's Vegas style psychology used in slot and video poker machines applied to video games (no, seriously, companies hirer psychologists to figure out how to take get you to part with you money) to entice you to keep playing and keep paying because you can almost get it if you pay a little but more. This paywall method also has invaded apps on both Android and now even the Apple AppStore, which was resilient to it up until a couple of years ago. It's the "paywall" method and they use it not simply because of piracy, but because it works.

Good debate!
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User Info: Dev445

3 years ago#60
phineasfool posted...
Dev445 posted...
Straight Digital this gen. I'm loving not having to switch discs and its less clutter everywhere. The only XB1 game I have physical is DR3 and I got that when I first got a XB1. As soon as its on sale or on GWG I'm selling my physical disc.

Never going back to physical except for my 3DS, and WiiU cause of the limited space they have. XB1 and PS4 will be all digital for me.

With the Wii U and 3DS you can get more storage space easily. I have a 2TB external hard drive on my Wii U and a 32GB card on my 3DS. This provides plenty of room. The only physical games I have for them are Mass Effect 3 and Skylanders since they aren't available digitally.

Didn't know the WiiU had external hard drive support. Going to have to get one this year for it.
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