Can someone fully explain clips for me?

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User Info: cabcalloway1983

3 years ago#1
May sound like a stupid question but eh.

How do you make clips and upload them?Also,when browsing the marketplace i see clips from others,where do those clips come from?
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User Info: zerojustice

3 years ago#2
If you have Kinect you just need to say "record that" to record the last thirty seconds of game play. Without Kinect, or if you want to record longer than 30 seconds, you snap Game DVR and manually record your game clips.

Once you record them they will automatically be uploaded for people to see if you're online, they can be viewed in Upload. But apparently clips will be deleted after some time if you don't select the clip and have it saved. I have yet to have one of my unsaved clips be deleted though.

Upload Studio is a video editor to compile or edit whatever you want with your clips. From upload studio you can choose to save the videos to your OneDrive account, you don't have to though they'll still be saved to your Xbox.

To my knowledge the Marketplace is filled with the most recent clips of whatever game you're looking at.
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  3. Can someone fully explain clips for me?

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