This has to be the single, dumbest PC to console comparison I've ever seen

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  3. This has to be the single, dumbest PC to console comparison I've ever seen

User Info: JessofBlades

3 years ago#71
yep, that's why I have so many consoles

User Info: kingofjamaica

3 years ago#72
jessica73 posted...
kingofjamaica posted...

Close is an interesting word to use. What, pray tell, comes even remotely close in Saints Row 3?

Both are pretty neck and neck in ground and building textures ^_^ Foliage also looking pretty similar. Maybe you should tell me what's super impressive on Infamous, cause the only thing I'm seeing is it's finally somewhat colorful for a change in the series. And... I guess it has some DoF? Better lighting too. I mean it looks better, but it's not that wow worthy either >_>

Everything is better in Infamous. Texture quality is markedly better. I honestly don't know how anyone can say, with a straight face, that looks almost as good as in regards to texture quality.

Lighting is better. WAY better. An actual dynamic lighting system with physically based shading.

Poly count is so much higher, and every asset is of higher geometric and texture quality.

Infamous utilizes screen-space reflections to an incredible extent. Makes a world of difference, though those shots don't really show it off all that well.

Particle effects Infamous wins, hands down, against basically every game ever made. The particle system is truly amazing.

Better depth of field and motion blur. Not a huge fan of motion blur myself, but I can still appreciate when its better in one game over another.

Higher image quality. SMAA T2x was a wise choice on SP's part, because the image quality of Infamous almost matches 4xMSAA, only without all the sub-pixel aliasing that comes with MSAA, and without all the blur of traditional post-process AA methods.
At some point, you're going to have to talk to a tree and do what it says. - Arbor Day Rule, Grand List of RPG Cliches.

User Info: MRL3G3ND

3 years ago#73
a lot of people here don't understand texture mapping
I went and looked at a SR3...and it had the same texture as the console

just because they added fog and a bunch of other effects does not mask the fact that the same textures are stretched over the same frames.

I built a very powerful PC because I was ready for next gen a long time ago...other than Crysis, BF3, and ARMA 2...there was no reason to buy games for it, because there was little to no difference in the cross gen games

BF3 was developed for the PC and ported was one of the only games developed from the ground up using DX11

here we are 4 years later and they are still porting DX9 games over, giving them DX11 effects when they cross over
Watch_Dogs-Dog Day (X1)

User Info: leathelj

3 years ago#74
ShippFFXI posted...
leathelj posted...
PC fanboys out in droves why did you even bring this here tc? I hope your happy.

People who play consoles and PC are PC fanboys for stating facts such as PC being able to look better?

Typical console fanboy.

Implying there are no PC fanboys here and implying there arnt ppl here just to fight and argue ok keep liveing in your dream world I honestly wish ppl would just go enjoy what they want with out all this petty argueing and elitism and superiority problem to make them feel better about there purchase.
Every one has there own opinions unless theirs is stupid.
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  3. This has to be the single, dumbest PC to console comparison I've ever seen

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