Why do you think the X1 is having a hard time selling even with a price drop?

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User Info: dolabla

3 years ago#1
As of right now, it's #55 on Amazon's best seller list: http://www.amazon.com/best-sellers-video-games/zgbs/videogames/ref=sv_vg_12#3

I want to have hope that things will get better, but I just don't know if they will.

FWIW the same priced PS4 is #8: http://www.amazon.com/best-sellers-video-games/zgbs/videogames/ref=sv_vg_12#1

User Info: MicrosoftLover

3 years ago#2
Fastest selling console of ALL TIME
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User Info: teh1337gosu

3 years ago#3
How do you make that alcoholic chicken anyway?

User Info: Dev445

3 years ago#4
Amazon=Where the world shops at
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User Info: dolabla

3 years ago#5
Amazon is a good gauge. It's helped us predict the winner of NPD each month (including X1's December win).

User Info: PoweredMilkMan

3 years ago#6
I didn't realize it was struggling. It's microsofts fastest selling console. Whats up with you people and your crusade to bash the xbox any chance you get.
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User Info: scoobydoobydont

3 years ago#7
You are the only troll who has never, ever been amusing, tc. You should find something you're better at.
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User Info: Satchmo25

3 years ago#8
Every Xbox console sold makes dolaba rage. Poor ponies
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User Info: dolabla

3 years ago#9
Whoa guys, I'm for the X1. It's just a little concerning that even with a price drop, it still looks to not be doing well. Yes, it started off fast, but last month recorded the lowest sales since its release (sub-100k).

User Info: RuinerEraser

3 years ago#10
Since the price drop sales of increased what are you on about?
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  3. Why do you think the X1 is having a hard time selling even with a price drop?

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