Naughty dog vs Bungie?

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User Info: Brunozayn

3 years ago#1
Which developer is better? - Results (327 votes)
Naughty dog
69.11% (226 votes)
30.89% (101 votes)
This poll is now closed.
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User Info: juggalo_gam3r

3 years ago#2
Yo I love halo dog but dem uncharted gaems be off da rip for real

Maybe destiny will change that who knows do
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User Info: phineasfool

3 years ago#3
Platinum Games
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User Info: BryanPS360

3 years ago#4
I think Naughty Dog is better overall but I like Bungie more for creating Halo.
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User Info: Gambitbuzzkill

3 years ago#5

User Info: Sith Jedi

Sith Jedi
3 years ago#6
Never got into Halo, loved TLoU and Uncharted. Definitely ND.

User Info: Homie_202

3 years ago#7
Naughty dog hands down. I like halo but I like every naughty dog game so much more. And after playing the alpha of destiny I don't plan on getting the game unless I am impressed by the beta tomorrow but it's just a generic MMO.

User Info: ONutrition

3 years ago#8
Naughty Dog. They created the wonderful thing known as Jak and Daxter <3
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User Info: scoobydoobydont

3 years ago#9
ND gave us Crash and TLoU (and I guess Dude Raider and Jak... meh). Bungie gave us Halo, Oni, and Marathon. ND wins ten times over.
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User Info: CrimsonCorp

3 years ago#10
Crash and Jak make it close. But halo and Bungie all the way. (not that i'm a big fan of Destiny as of yet.)

ND's course into interactive, single playthrough movies is getting on my nerves after Uncharted 3
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