Report: Microsoft's cuts include the EMEA Xbox team

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User Info: TBONE_OG

3 years ago#51
regsantotomas posted...
This topic has gotten really awesome
Always O.G.

User Info: CyborgTwenty

3 years ago#52
The bad news just keep coming for us xboners.

User Info: UltimateGeth39

3 years ago#53
After reading through this topic I have deduced that TC is spot on and you should just put soultrapper on ignore makes things much easier.
"There's always a man, a lighthouse, a city."

User Info: jon davis

jon davis
3 years ago#54
SoulTrapper posted...
slowdog76 posted...

no, what you have are misguided opinions (but i respect them) and whenever anyone tries to correct you - and note i say "correct" - or put forward their own, you then spend however long trying to argue that they are wrong and you are right, often with the odd "witty" insult thrown in for good measure.

and yes, i do respect your opinion. i find them laughable sometimes, but i dont begrudge you having them.

and yes, sometimes i may well make acerbic little comments here and there. mainly because i dont want to waste my time typing long thought out replies all over the place because, well, the next day i would probably have to type the same thing all over again. but then, sometimes i will.

im not even sure what you mean by lower level of public dialogue. maybe it just means that i dont agree with you. sometimes, often times, i dont. and if that is what "lower level of public dialogue" means, then im happy to reside there.

but here is the thing about you soul trapper. your apparent narcissism means you have to comment on topics such as this. your apparent sub-clinical psychopathy has you arguing about things that you really don't understand, and often-times try to twist what you read and hear to fit into your own agenda.

think i'm wrong? you are spending your time here, in this thread trying to push your opinion as fact, trying to score points and woe-betide anyone that disagrees, when in actual fact, the only discussion that should be had on the subject is that 18,000 people are about to lose their jobs. and that in any circumstance is pretty crappy.

I never throw in insults unless people insult me first, which happens quite a lot because I'm usually correct.
What I post is always backed up by facts, if I'm not certain of my case, I don't try and argue it.

The fact that you think facts or a decently build argument backed up by facts are somehow "misguided opinions" is a clear showing of the lack of value your contributions have to this topic.

What I mean by your posts only contributing to a lower level of public dialogue is exactly what you demonstrate in that post:
Not once do you address the actual topic until the vary last bit of your post and even then it wasn't actually addressing it, it was mentioning it should be addressed. Which you ironically, didn't.

Your posts aimed at me so far haven't addressed my arguments at all, either.
You simply throw crap around and see what sticks, but never once do you even attempt to address the post itself.
And it's not just in this topic, it's basically all you post when confronted with facts you don't like.

And that only leads to more people throwing more crap around instead of any actual discussion.

That's what I mean by your posts only contributing to a lower level of public dialogue.

I don't have to comment at all, there are a dozen topics with the same subject where I didn't post anything.
I understand it isn't pleasant to have to read stuff you don't like, but dragging some psychological BS won't make it go away.
There's an ignore button made for exactly that purpose: to make sure people don't get their feelings hurt by facts.

What discussion should be had, is up to what people want to discuss.

Right now, you want to discuss me and my posts (which seems quite obsessive imo).
If you go back and read my first post, you'll see I only posted my sympathies to the people who lost their job due to management decisions.

Hear hear! You tell em Fella!
Strength is the only thing that matters in this world, everything else is just a delusion for the weak.
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