Scenario: Xbox division is scrapped

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User Info: mrpic

3 years ago#31
i would quit console gaming most likely

and perhaps buy a pc

User Info: Chaos_Matazaki

3 years ago#32
What about those who only have an xbox one. I doubt they would get a refund for the console they purchased. Which would suck, because they could of used that refund to buy a different console. It's microsoft, so I doubt everyone who got an xbox one, they would refund them all that money back.
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User Info: GladiatorDanger

3 years ago#33
ZeroShot101 posted...
For those that actually own an xbox one what will you do?

What did the Dreamcast owners do when it was discontinued 2 years after release?

User Info: MCcake

3 years ago#34
I'd be okay if it meant no more xbox consoles but still more new games flowing.
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User Info: KID VID

3 years ago#35
TBONE_OG posted...
I'd probably finish up all my Xbox games, then get a Wii U and causally play while I quit gaming altogether.

Who are you? Seriously, all of your posts I've seen sound like something I would say, word-for-word. This is my exact thought on this scenario.
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User Info: slyman19

3 years ago#36
Move to PC and sell my PS4. Without competition, Sony is a bunch of a-holes. Don't need to go though 2006-era Sony again.

User Info: pnut3844

3 years ago#37
This will never happen so why even ask

User Info: Homie_202

3 years ago#38
Play my ps4 and Wiiu. Chances are the xbox franchises I actually care about would get bought by someone and would continue to get made. Same thing for the other 2.
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