How often do you buy a new console/ handheld?

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User Info: maizemaize

2 years ago#1
How often do you buy a new handheld/console? No remakes allowed. - Results (29 votes)
Every 1 -2 Years
24.14% (7 votes)
Every 3-4 years
13.79% (4 votes)
Every 4-5 years
41.38% (12 votes)
Every 6-7 years
13.79% (4 votes)
Every 8 - 10 years
0% (0 votes)
Every 11 -30 years
6.9% (2 votes)
This poll is now closed.
How to answer:
1. Subtract 2014 from the year you got your first console/handheld.
2. Count all the consoles AND handhelds you own / owned.
3. Divide the years in (1) by systems in (2) to get the answer.

E.g. 1. I bought my first handheld (game & watch) in 1991.2014 - 1991 = 23 years

2. I owned :
Game & Watch 1991
NES 1991
Genesis 1999
playstation 1 2003
playstation 2 2008
DS 2010
Wii 2012
That is 7 systems

3. 21 years / 7 systems = 3 years per system. 1 system every 3 years.

User Info: Crystyn_7B

2 years ago#2
Whenever I have money in abundance.

Worked as a paramedic for a year bought a Vita, 3DS, XBO and Surface Pro 2 from what was left after TV, Freebord and other miscellaneous stuff.

User Info: youngunner2123

2 years ago#3
Waaaaaaaay to early for math class broheem

I'll say since the nes i have owned/own every console/hand held to release


neo geo
neo geo pocket

s famicom
Your arms are too short to box with GOD!!!

User Info: DC07301981

2 years ago#4
I've owned every major release console since the NES. Owned maybe two or three different handhelds. Haven't picked up a PS4 or Xbox One yet, and probably won't have one until late 2014.
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