what makes xbox live superior to psn?

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User Info: Horridhal

3 years ago#61
rEaPeR_2k4 posted...
-complex- posted...
Ok I see you guys think im trolling but if the only excuse for xbox live being better because it didnt get hacked like psn did then im not buying that its better.

Xbox live has been hacked as well and both of these services can be hacked again which is why I wanted to know if there was any real evidence that xbox live is better then psn.

I've been on XBL eleven years and there has never been ONE day where I couldn't access live. Wasn't PSN down for weeks almost a month. With 50k people getting their credit cards compromised with charges from the hacker group. Answer your own question, dummy, which one is better? Ps4 infrastructure has already been hacked. You fan boys can't cover that black eye with all the makeup in the world.

Could you be more full of crap?
I'm not the nicest person you'll meet.
Have a real point please.

User Info: RyuuHou25

3 years ago#62
VoidBeyond posted...
RyuuHou25 posted...
Jedi454 posted...


Yeah, that completely makes XBL better!! We win!!! Yeah we win!! 'Murica!

Your sig is accurate to your post. This IS how you sound.

So sarcasm is completely lost on some people, good to know.
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