Jimquisition: The Xbox is a failure

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User Info: Titanfail

3 years ago#101
You had a good run Xbronies, maybe the next Xbox will do well...assuming Microsoft doesn't pull the plug on it ^_^

User Info: Miiri0

3 years ago#102
Titanfail posted...
You had a good run Xbronies, maybe the next Xbox will do well...assuming Microsoft doesn't pull the plug on it ^_^

Yea. Investors are not happy they still have not recover their xbox investment and now xbox have so many negative vibes. Its not looking goid for xbox. I hope nintendo buy xbox.

User Info: CharadeSmith

3 years ago#103
SonyTendo - Fight the evil Microdevil

User Info: BPSatsuki

3 years ago#104
Jim just ripped xbone a new one

User Info: TheGam3925

3 years ago#105
Jimquisition is cashing in on fanboy tears the same way Gamefaqs is on this board. A pretty smart move if you think about it.
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User Info: TrueBlue91

3 years ago#106
He's absolutely correct though. What he's saying is simply undeniable and irrefutable.
Pour grammer annoy's me
"This isn't even apples to oranges. More like toast to bears." - Bloodychess

User Info: axelfooley2k5

3 years ago#107
I bought one for exclusives

As long as i get like one every 4 months i am ok with it
I prefer the ps4 by a fair margin but i dont think the xbox is bad......they made some bad decisions taking the fanbase for granted

User Info: L4YER_CAKE

3 years ago#108
Reece504 posted...

Same here I'm sick of the whole sony can do no wrong thing it's silly.No one thinks that. If they did the same thing as Xbox no one would bash it. Yes they would

Ps4 is just now getting YouTube app lol ps3 didn't have one. Yes it did

Ps4 is missing a lot of features that they said would have. On top of them saying we are putting out more indies and less aaa titles lol what???Agreed, What??? Cuz from my count I see more indies AND more AAA's in the pipeline


Just read the link if Xbox did this it would be crucified.

Seriously dude, did you even think for a moment before posting this?
Braid. Save the princess. Contemplate the world. Save yourself.

User Info: axelfooley2k5

3 years ago#109
maddawg223 posted...
Jim sterling is pretty sad. If he actually read the company actions he will see they did apologize by going back and changing its policies. They apologized through actions! They actually listened to the consumer and our wallets. It seems like game journalists have nothing else to do but complain.

>Complains about the DRM
MS got rid of it

>MS needs to focus on games
MS focus on games during E3
>complains MS e3 was too focus on games

>get rid of the Kinect
Ms gets rid of the kinect
>OMG you lied and get rid of the kinect

What more can microsoft do?

ALL of sony exclusives got pushed back or dont even have a release date yet its praise? I'm confused.

I'm just asking questions.

you are ok with them acting like this?

its one thing to have preference
its another to make a comment like this

what more can they do?
do we not hold people accountable for their actions?
could they have tried more shady stuff and you would have been ok with it as long as they were shamed for it and the public backlashed only to reverse whatever other BS move to make more money based off crap policy?

i do not like microsoft as a company....they are right there with the nsa putting backdoors in operating systems and putting a camera that is supposed to watch you for advertising reasons....if it can watch your face and the blood flow through your body all it takes is this tech in the wrong hands and they can watch whatever whenever........i am so happy the kinect was a complete failure

but i own one......i like games........i refused to buy kinect, I can see what it really was...IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH GAMES....THEY HAD NOTHING NEW OR BETTER FOR RELEASE (GAMES) THAT MADE THE KINECT LEAPS AND BOUNDS BETTER THAN THE ONE BEFORE IT........i bought it for whatever exclusives they pump out

but aside from that they are pathetic and the whole e3 thing should........................SHOULD make them appreciate their fanbase more

User Info: embrandedone

3 years ago#110
Jim's been really hard on the PS3 so no one should accuse him of being biased .
PS4 - #thethirstisreal
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